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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gata Bella: Video: Sophia Loren, The Goddess

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Post

When I think of goddess’s Sophia Loren is in the top one-percent of all-time and if not number one all-time, you can certainly see number one from where she is. And yes a big part of what makes Sophia a goddess is physical with the hot baby-face, the tall curvy athletic voice, the incredible feminine native-Italian voice. The way she moves, the way she sings, the way she talks. The way she presented herself and the fact that she knew she had all of these incredible physical attributes. So she has all of this going on for her, with women who see her and are always jealous of her.

But in Sophia’s case, we’re talking about someone who is a great singer and a great actress. Who also just happens to be one of if not the best looking women of all-time. So we are not talking about a bimbo, someone who is great to look at and perhaps jump in the sack with. But with the guy wanting to get away from her as soon as possible before his wife or girlfriend or finds out. But also because mentally the bimbo does nothing for him mentally, other than someone to make fun of. Sophia is a goddess, physically, professionally and mentally.
Sophia Loren

EuroNews: Ugly Show of Hostility on The Streets of Moscow

Good to see Russians protesting in Moscow and not facing bad consequences from the Russian Government

USNews: Was Friday's Jobs Report Enough to Push President Obama Over the Finish Line?

The Friday jobs report and President Obama's response to Hurricane Sandy, gives the President all the momentum he needs to win Tuesday. Which probably influenced voters in President Obama's approval rating going up as well.

Weekly Standard: Morning Jay: Jay Cost: Mitt’s Pennsylvania Push: Real or Fake?

Morning Jay: Mitt’s Pennsylvania Push: Real or Fake?

I vote fake because most of the Ohio pulls have the President at around 50% and with him in the lead and Mitt Romney. Is looking to pickoff an Obama State, in case he loses Ohio.