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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EuroNews: ABC News Foreign Editor Christiane Amanpour: "US Still Dominates"

The United States is still the most important country in the World, because we are still the strongest. Power in the World, we still have the largest economy in the World with living standards that other countries are striving to match and we still have the strongest military in. The World and when there's some crisis in the World, Europe and others pay attention to America and expect us to do something about it. And because of this we have more influence on any other country in the World, when we decide to use it and can use that influence to benefit ourselves. But also benefit other countries, like helping other countries that are moving from being Authoritarian States. To Democracy like Tunisia and Libya and help them get the resources that they need to be able to defend themselves and we can also help developing countries that are. Implementing Capitalism to help them become more developed, like what we've been doing in aiding and trading with Latin America.

America no longer and perhaps never had the resources to police the World, this is an area where Europe. Needs to step up and help us, Saudi Arabia being a better influence in the Middle East would help that as well and Japan and Korea doing more to defend themselves would benefit us as well. But we are two important of a power to simply ignore what's going on in the World, because as 9/11. Has shown, what goes on in other countries effects what happens in the United States as well.

Washington Times: Opinion: Rick Santorum: Standing up For Marriage and Families

SANTORUM: Standing up for marriage and families - Washington Times

Rick Santorum and other Neoconservatives idea of standing up for marriage, is to prevent homosexuals who. Are in love with each other and want to marry each other from being able to marry each other. Even as going as far as passing a Constitutional Amendment that would take power away from the States to regulate marriage and give that power to the Federal Government.

National Journal: Fawn Johnson: Watch What You Say About FEMA

Watch What You Say About FEMA -

Politicians attack FEMA at their own risk, because its one of the most popular agencies in the Federal Government. That a lot of people have benefited from and count on over the years, so Mitt Romney is taking a risk here.