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Friday, October 26, 2012

Southern Avenger: Jack Hunter: A Pro-Life View on Drones

You could make a case that drone strikes are Pro Life, because they wipeout terrorists, without risking. Troops to do the work themselves and risk losing those troops.

Human Events: John Gizzi: Unlike With Todd Akin, National GOP Continues its Support of Richard Mourdock

Unlike with Akin, national GOP continues its support of Mourdock - Conservative News

Looks like Richard Mourdock has just handed Senate Democrats another seat and he could hurt Mitt Romney. As well because Mitt has already endorsed Mourdock and Democrats are already trying to link them.

National Journal: Major Garrett: Does Mitt-Mentum Signal a Surge to a Romney Win?

Does Mitt-Mentum Signal a Surge to a Romney Win? -

The fact is thanks to the first debate, all Mitt Romney has done so far is make the Presidential Election close. But President Obama still holds the lead in the swing States and Electoral College and has topped the Romney momentum, from giving Mitt Romney the lead in the race where he would win the Electoral College.