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Friday, October 19, 2012

Channel 4 News UK: Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell resigns

Trouble in the British Conservative Leadership

Newsmax: Rep. Jim Jordan: "Welfare Reform Starts With New White House Leadership"

As Representative Jordan puts it, the costs of Public Assistance goes up when the economy is in recession. Public Assistance is not up because the Obama Administration has set out to put more people on Public Assistance, as many Right Wingers have been claiming. You want to go further in Welfare Reform, from what President Clinton and a Republican Congress accomplished in 1996, it starts. With a strong growing economy, 1% Economic Growth doesn't accomplish that, we need to grow at three times that, to create the amount of jobs that we need to move people off of Public Assistance. And into the Middle Class, you get 3% or more in Economic Growth, then you can get 200K jobs plus per month to move people off of Public Assistance and then with that, we can invest in. Things like education and Job Training for people who are on Public Assistance, so they can get themselves a good job, we should already be doing that but its much easier to move people off of. Public Assistance and into the workforce, when we have a strong growing economy.

Weekly Standard: Morning Jay: "Mitt Romney and Modern Conservatism"

Morning Jay: Mitt Romney and Modern Conservatism

As Conservative Blogger Jack Hunter puts its and Jack is an actual Conservative, not someone who pretends. To be a Conservative but then supports Big Government policies, like Rick Santorum, Neoconservatism is not Conservatism and Neoconservatism is Modern Conservatism. Thirty years ago Conservatives were arguing that Big Government wasn't the solution but the problem, that we have to get. Big Government out of the boardrooms and bedrooms, to protect Individual Freedom, this what Barry Goldwater ran for President on in. 1964 and made his whole Congressional career about, fighting back against Big Government and what Ron Reagan got behind to advance his political career, Mitt Romney is not. A "Modern Conservative" or a Classical Conservative, Mitt Romney is whoever he needs to he feels to be, in order to win whatever office he's, running for, which is exactly why he's only won one Political Office. In his lifetime, people simply don't trust him, he has solid Economic Conservative credentials and thats where is principles end, everything else is about where he feels he needs to, to win whatever election he's running in.

National Journal: George E. Condon JR: Stocking the Cabinet: Who Might Serve in a Second Obama Administration?

Stocking the Cabinet: Who Might Serve in a Second Obama Administration? -

John Kerry looks like a solid possibility for the next Secretary of State

Washington Times: AP: Slobodan Lekic: President Ahmed Karzai Says Military, Police Ready to Take Over Security

Karzai says military, police ready to take over security - Washington Times

We can only hope this is true