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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Human Events: Newt Gingrich: "We Will Know Saturday: Townhall Lies, Moderator Bias and The Presidential Race"

Gingrich: We will know Saturday: Townhall lies, moderator bias and the presidential race - Conservative News

Looks like even Newt Gingrich has figured out that President Obama won the debate, by focusing his column on the moderator and style of the debate.

Washinton Times: Opinion: Michael Taube: "Presidential Debate Moderator Mediocrity"

TAUBE: Presidential debate moderator mediocrity - Washington Times

When you put the blame for a debate on your opponents style or the moderator, then you know you lost the debate. Style and moderator over substance, haven't seen many editorials or reports talking about the great debate that Mitt Romney had.

National Journal: Ron Fournier: President Obama Scores the Most Debate Points, but Verdict Uncertain

Obama Scores the Most Debate Points, but Verdict Uncertain -

President Obama landed the biggest shots in the debate last night

FRSFreeStatePlus: CNN: 2nd 2012 U.S. Presidential Debate Obama vs Romney: First Impressions

Here's part 2 of how I feel about tonight's debate between Governor Romney and President Obama. And in this part I'll focus on how I felt Mitt Romney did, the first part is over at my sister blog,, that you can read over there.

I think I can sum up how I believe Mitt Romney did tonight in a couple of sentences or less. All right two words and then I'll explain what I meant by that, missed opportunities, I believe the Mitt. Had a clear game plan in how to win tonight's debate, that he was going to make it about what he believes is President Obama's record, depending on what the questions were and try to hammer. His points home but what he didn't prepare for, was how President Obama would counter him, that again to use a boxing analogy, Mitt would hit Barack would a good first shot but then Barack would. Fire back and hit him harder and then win the round, I don't believe that Mitt had a counter strategy to how the President would counter him, he didn't have a plan b, he knew how to get. The first shot but if he got hit back and he Mitt got hit back the whole night, on taxes, energy, immigration, women's issues, Foreign Policy and so fourth, Mitt had a clear plan on how to hit. The President on these issues but didn't have a plan on how to hit Barack again, once he was hit back by the President, Mitt lost tonight to a man that was simply better prepared and as a result. Mitt was caught off guard for the first time in a few weeks.

I could go into what I believe Governor Romney needed to do to win the debate tonight but in a way I've. Already done that and laid out how I believe he failed, because he would get a good first shot in, when he would get the question first but the President would hit him back and hit him harder. So instead of Mitt having an opportunity to layout what he would do instead, he would find himself in position of having to defend himself, instead of being positive and thats how he lost. It was as if Mitt was expecting to see the same Barack Obama that the whole country saw two weeks ago. That he was going to continue to hit Barack Obama as if the President was a punching bag and didn't have a strategy in how to counter the President, when President Obama hit him back and thats. How Mitt Romney lost the debate tonight. President Obama didn't seal the deal for reelection but he did win by a clear 7-10 points, making the last debate that much more important.

FNC Fox & Friends: Senator Tom Coburn's Wastebook 2012 on FOX & Friends

Senator Tom Coburn and I probably don't agree on any of the Social Issues, except for maybe Civil Liberties. But Senator Coburn is a real Fiscal Conservative and does an excellent job when it comes to pointing out government waste.

EuroNews: Russia to Consider Smoking Ban

Big Government getting bigger in the Russian Federation