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Friday, October 12, 2012

Alex Jones Show: "Bill Maher is a Threat To Humanity"

I don't like the language that Bill Maher uses on these issues, to say your "Pro Death", is extreme and disgusting. But I do agree with Maher's broader point that we shouldn't be in favor of protecting all lives and that some people simply deserve to die, the people who would otherwise take. Innocent life and represent a threat to the lives of innocent people, mass murderers would be an example of that. By the way Alex Jones is probably the last person that should be commenting on something that Bill Maher says, because you just the extreme from the other fringe.

Washington Examiner: Constitutional Party Presidential Nominee: Virgil Goode

Virgil Goode running on Mitt Romney's Far Right, which could hurt Mitt with Neoconservatives in States. Like Virginia and perhaps North Carolina, sorta how Gary Johnson could cost Barack Obama votes with Liberals in place like Florida.

National Journal: The Cook Report: Charlie Cook: "There's No Question, Romney Changed the Game"

The Cook Report: There's No Question, Romney Changed the Game -

President Obama will have to be aggressive in the sense, of defending himself and his record and what he wants. To do in a second term, which means not letting Mitt Romney get away with any, lets say trash, things that Mitt Romney may say that are completely false or at best are half truths. But not be on the defensive, don't spend the whole debate defending himself but this is where Mitt is wrong and why what he. Wants to do for the country would be bad but do it as President of the United States, not like two guys fighting in a bar. It will be a tough task, especially with how weak of a debate he gave last week but is something he's up to doing, as we saw when he debated John McCain back in 2008.

FRSFreeStatePlus: C-Span: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate, Rep. Paul Ryan vs VP Joe Biden: First Reactions

And here's part two of what I think of the Vice Presidential Debate from Thursday night and in part two. I'll cover how I believe Representative Paul Ryan did, part one is over at my sister blog. and you can see what I thought of Vice President Biden's performance. In part two I'll tell you what I think of the job that Representative Ryan did.

This what I believe Representative Ryan needed to do tonight and at least accomplish this, for him to. Be successful and again I going to use a sports analogy, because well it fits, otherwise I wouldn't do it but also its coming up on 2AM on the East Coast and my brain is simply not fresh as it. Was, well four hours ago when I was watching the debate and preparing to write this blog. Think about it like this, you have a very good football team, thats a championship contender but your. Quarterback is not great, not very consistent, makes mistakes a good QB wouldn't make and so fourth but has enough ability that you can win with him, if he just. Does his job, doesn't throw bad INT's, doesn't call the wrong audibles, able to lead his team in the huddle, gets the ball to the open man and so fourth, what you tell a QB like this, is. Don't blow it Joe or whatever his name is, you gotta a great defense, a great running game, a great OL, they are going to do their jobs, just don't make any big mistakes and we'll win a lot. Of games with you, execute and prepare, get the ball to the open man or throw it away but don't turn it over, live to fight another play or series.

Thats what Representative Ryan needed to do tonight, the Romney Ryan Campaign was up 2-4 points in the. National Polls going in, even though Obama/Biden still leads in the Electoral College, so for Paul Ryan to be successful tonight, he, meaning his team couldn't be trailing in this election post. Debate, status quo and a victory would've meant he was seen as the clear winner, I believe Representative Ryan lost the debate tonight, without losing the election, Joe Biden won. The third quarter but they still have the fourth quarter to play, the Vice President threw and landed more punches, on taxes, debt and the economy, as well as on Foreign Policy, where Paul Ryan. And again Foreign Policy is not his strong suit and he was going up against one of the best and Representative Ryan failed to layout how their Foreign Policy would be different from President Obama's.

On taxes, Paul Ryan was unable to layout and explain the details of why the Romney/Ryan tax plan. Would be better for the economy, then President Obama's, the economy, nemployment has been growing for four years, or something to that effect, that Representative Ryan said, when its actually. Been coming down the last few months and we are back where we started in January, 2009 at 7.8% and the Vice President successfully explained that, on the stimulus, Rep. Ryan saying. How it failed and yet he lobbied the Vice President who was in charge of the 2009 Recovery Act, for millions of dollars to bail out a business in his House District, the Vice President. Successfully explained that and on debt, Rep. Ryan voted for two unfunded wars and the 700B$ Medicare Advantage plan, that were all put on the National Debt Card and the Vice President. Successfully explained that as well.

So I clearly believe that Paul Ryan lost the debate tonight and sorta looked like a student going. Up against the master but he didn't lose the debate by embarrassing his boss but by going up against an opponent that had more facts on his side and was better prepared but Pual Ryan. Managed to not make any mistakes and this election is still about Romney-Obama and we move onto the next round.

The Southern Avenger: Jack Hunter: Neoconservatism is Stupid

"Neoconservatism is Stupid", well as a Liberal I can't disagree with that but thats putting it in the. Most simplistic terms but since we are talking about Neoconservatism, about as simplistic as a philosophy can get, what the hell it fits. But to take to a bigger level, why Neoconservatism is stupid, is because its similar to Religious Fundamentalism, fill in the blank about what Religion you. Are talking about but they are both based on the same thing, faith they put faith over facts, trust us we are correct here, even though we can't show you how, believe us that there are Weapons of Mass Destruction. Over in Iraq, even though we can't find them or tell you where they are, the other flaw of Neoconservatism is the lack of homework put into it, the World we'll be a better. Place if we knock these dictators out, even though we don't know who'll come to replace them, because. Well we haven't done our homework and the final thing about Neoconservatism, like Socialism. Is not just an Economic Policy, Neoconservatism is not just a Foreign Policy, its a Statist Philosophy, that puts the rights of the State to protect its people, over individuals rights.

Neoconservatives believe that the State should comes first over individuals, rather then individual. Being able to live their own lives, Rick Santorum case in point but again not just when it comes to National Security but a whole range of Social Issues, abortion, marijuana, healthcare. Pornography, privacy and so fourth, that the State can't adequately protect its people, if it can't prevent them from doing things, that Neoconservatives see as dangerous. Jack Hunter the Conservative blogger and a Classical Conservative from what I've seen of him is right, Neoconservatism. Is simply not Conservative, Conservatives believe in conserving freedom for individuals, that what the word Conservative is about, Neoconservatives believe in protecting the State. So its as safe as possible, even if that means restricting freedom, so the country can be as safe as possible and for that to happen, Americans can't be as free as we are accustomed to living.