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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Johnny Dollar-FNC: The Kelly File- Chuck Todd Rips Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen & Michael Reagan Respond

Source: Johnny Dollar & FNC- Scott Rasmussen, Megyn Kelly & Michael Reagan-
Source: Johnny Dollar-FNC: The Kelly File- Chuck Todd Rips Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen & Michael Reagan Respond

Several reasons why NBC News's Chuck Todd, The Washington Post and others in the so-called mainstream media consider Scott Rasmussen and his Rasmussen Poll partisan and why FNC and Fox News use their polling so much, is because they're partisan. At least in the sense that they tend to poll heavily Republican or Republican leaning areas and then call their polls national. Right now only Rasmussen and Fox News views the Romney-Obama race as tight. Most of the polls have President Obama with a clear Electoral College lead, because he's leading Mitt Romney in all of the swing states right now. Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, etc. The President could lose both North Carolina and Indiana, which he won in 2008 and still win the Electoral College and be reelected President with a electoral landslide. But Rasmussen and Fox News perhaps because they don't want the Republican vote to feel like the election is over and that President Obama will be reelected, feel the need to make this election look closer than it actually is right now. 

Euro News: Greek Reforms Praised by ECB's Draghi

Even the Socialist Republic of Greece is getting around to the idea, that there's a limit to the positive. Things that government can do for its people with their money and that there's only so much debt that a government can pile up, before it hurts the economy.

Human Events: Senate Update October 9, 2012: Ohio

Notice John Gizzi is not talking about Missouri, Virginia, Nevada, Maine, Indiana, Nevada, all States. That Senate Republicans were expecting to either safely hold onto or win back comfortably, that they are all trailing in, yes Senator Brown is in a tough race in Ohio but thats not the whole story.

National Journal: Michael Hirsch: Mitt Romney's Foreign Policies Sound a Lot Like President Obama's

Romney's Foreign Policies Sound a Lot Like Obama's -

At one point Mitt Romney sounds like a Neoconservative on Foreign Policy, now he sounds like a Liberal on Foreign Policy like President Obama. The point is Mitt doesn't have a Foreign Policy and hasn't thought these things through.