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Monday, October 1, 2012

Reagan Foundation: 1984 Presidential Candidate Debate: President Reagan and Walter Mondale

I just saw this debate Saturday, because I knew I would probably be blogging about it this week. This was the debate that Walter Mondale was remembered for looking really strong and quick. Able to go toe-to-toe with the President of the United States and actually beat him. While Ronald Reagan, looked old, slow and unsure of himself and how to answer the questions. President Reagan, clearly didn't look good in the first debate, but didn't look as bad as he tends to be remembered. His answers were somewhat slow and so-forth, but he answered the questions and didn't take any shots from Vice President Mondale lying down. He took them on and threw some back as well.

But Fritz Mondale just looked good the whole night, while admitting that the economy had definitely improved from four years earlier. That the economy wasn't as strong as it needed to be and that we paid a heavy price for the recovery that we were going through. Increases in debt and deficit and, "if we continued to allow those things rise, we would pay for it in high interest and inflation rates later on." He was right, because the Stock Market crashed just three years later in 1987. The economy slowed in 1989 and of course we had a recession in 1990-91.

This was Fritz Mondale's opportunity to get back in the race. He was down 10-15 points going into this debate and took advantage of it. He brought President Reagan's lead down a bit and had he had a great debate in the second debate, he could've prevented the landslide that came and could've made it a very tight race. His second debate wasn't bad, but President Reagan just bounced back and had a very good debate as well. With the memorable line when he was asked about his age, suggesting that he might be too old for President, by saying that, "I'm not going to make age an issue in this election and exploit Fritz Mondale's youth an inexperience." Whether voters decided that Fritz Mondale would've been a better President or not, what they did decide, was that they liked Ron Reagan more and liked where the country was going and headed and weren't ready to fire President Reagan.

Fox News: Fox & Friends: Life-Saving Tips to Prevent Medical Mistakes

Here some life saving tips, quality diet and exercise, don't eat too much or too little, eat well and. Don't eat a lot of things that aren't very good for you, I do pretty well when it comes to exercise, room for improvement on diet. Lets subsidize healthy behavior, instead of mandating it and lets tax unhealthy behavior, instead of trying to outlaw it, like in New York so people who make. Bad choices can't pass those costs onto others. We would save billions in healthcare in America by doing this.

Human Events: John Gizzi Best Debate Moments: Mike Dukakis in 1988

Mike Dukakis had one more opportunity to turn a Presidential Election, he should've won at least going in. Around in the Presidential Debates and use those opportunities to let the Americans know more about him, that he wasn't cold and could connect with people in a personal positive way. But blew that when Bernie Shaw of CNN asked him a gotcha question, by bringing his wife into it, about the. Death Penalty, it was sorta no win situation for Governor Dukakis, because it was a gotcha question about his wife of all people but he could've avoided losing it as well and instead of trying to make. It a question about policy, he should've took the question for what it was, which was a personal gotcha question and should've answered about how he would feel, if his wife was raped and murdered. And what he feel should be done to the person responsible for the crimes but instead used it as an opportunity to explain his opposition to the Death Penalty, an issue at least back then. Were a large majority of Americans were in favor of the Death Penalty.