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Liberal Democracy
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

FOX News: News Headquarters: Manhunt Intensifies for California Bank Robbery Suspects

Isn't California already bankrupt enough, pun intended

Weekly Standard: Fred Barnes: They’re on a Losing Streak: The State Of Washingtonian Republicanism

They’re on a Losing Streak

Perhaps State Washingtonians are Classical Liberals such as myself and don't want government in their bedrooms and boardrooms. And they believe that they can keep government out of their personal lives, by keeping Washington Republicans out of government and can keep Progressives out of their wallets, by voting. Down tax increases and more government by ballot.

Washington Times: Opinion: David Horowitz: "Barack Obama Still Wants to Fundamentally Transform America

HOROWITZ: Obama still wants to fundamentally transform America - Washington Times

These scare tactics didn't work against Barack Obama in 2008 and are they aren't working in 2012. America is much smarter and better then this.