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Thursday, September 27, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: Fox & Friends: "The Polls Are Rigged!": Are They Really This Dumb?

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: Fox & Friends: "The Polls Are Rigged!": Are They Really This Dumb?

FRSFreeStatePlus: Newsmax: Jerry Falwell, Jr.: "We'll See Real Obama, True Intentions in 2nd Term": The Barack Obama The Far Right Prefers to See

If you look at the Far Right in America, people I prefer to call Neoconservatives and Neoconservatives. Aren't just people that have a certain view when it comes to Foreign Policy and National Security but have a broad political view that covers all issues, just like Socialism is not. Just an Economic Policy and if you look at Neoconservative Americans and how they view Barack Obama and somehow you were to take their view at face value or even seriously and if you do, you probably. Also believe in Marshans but if you take Neoconservatives seriously about Barack Obama, he's this Illegal Immigrant from Kenya, whose not even qualified to be President of the United States. Legally, because of course he's an Immigrant, Illegal at that, who should be deported back to Kenya, whose trying to convert the United States into some type of Socialist State, where only Atheists. Muslins and perhaps other Eastern Religions are welcome in America, thats the sanity level as well as intelligence of the Far Right in America, if you don't look at America and the World. That they do, which is a very narrow World and country, ranging from the Deep South and perhaps up to the Rocky Mountains, if you don't look at the World and country that they do, you are. Un American and probably should be deported or at least in jail.

So what Jerry Falwell, JR and people who think like him, if you want to call this thinking, are trying. To scare Americans into believing, especially swing voters in these swing States, where Americans aren't in love with President Obama or don't hate him, they have mixed feelings about him. To try to convince these people that Barack Obama is not one of us, he's not really an American, he doesn't think like an American, hell he wasn't even born in this country, this is what. Neoconservatives are trying to convince Americans into believing and that you made a horrible mistake in voting for him in 2008 and if you reelect him, it will be the end of America at. Least as they see it, where all Americans would be welcome in this country, all ethnicities, races, religions and so fourth and the country will no longer be, even though we haven't been for a. Long time now, a 1950s America where people who didn't have this very narrow view of America, weren't prevalent in the country.

FOX News: Special Report: Bain Capital Attack Ads Against Mitt Romney Impacting Voters?

Mitt Romney wants to run as a successful businessman who knows how to turn the economy around. Because he knows how to run a business, President Obama has a right to question Mitt's business career and not automatically take his word for it.

Commentary: "Media Shocked GOP Hasn’t Conceded"

Media Shocked GOP Hasn’t Conceded: pWhen the mainstream media declares that Mitt Romney is finished, they expect everyone in the Republican Party to not just listen but to act accordingly. That’s the only way to respond to an astonishingly obtuse feature in Politico that centers on the willingness of GOP congressional candidates to embrace Romney. The story begins in this [...]/p

More like shocked that Republicans aren't doing much better in an election that on paper at least should've favored. Them big time, with a golden opportunity to not only win back the White House, take back the Senate and hold onto the House. But as they say elections aren't won on paper or at least I say that and you still have to produce the candidates to win these elections, especially when you are going up against. A well funded opposition and the GOP simply hasn't done that, at the top with Mitt Romney, go to the Senate in Maine, Indiana and now Missouri, a lot of seats that House Republicans won in 2010 are still in play. Like in New Hampshire and Florida, as well as House Republicans who were already there in 2010, good Republicans like Dan Lungren in California, who really is a Reagan Republican. Its looking more and like 2012 is not a Republican year.

Washington Times: It’s a Whole New Brew for Brash Tea Party Hero Rep. Allen West

It’s a whole new brew for brash tea party hero West - Washington Times

House Democrats path back to majority is through the Tea Party

National Journal: Reid Wilson: How a Mitt Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP

How a Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP -

Hopefully the adults will finally stand up in the GOP, instead of leaving it and take back the party and say we. Need to be a Fiscally Conservative Party that believes in Economic Freedom but we also believe in Social Freedom and we are not going to invade peoples bedrooms, while we stay out of their wallets and start. Welcoming new voters that they are going to have to have to remain viable in the future, bring these people back and the Neoconservatives will probably walkout and form some new Far Right party but the GOP. Would bring in a not more new voters to makeup for it.