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Monday, September 24, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: The Daily Caller: Nicholas Ballasy: Sen. Schumer: An Obama Victory Will 'Strengthen' GOP, Hurt Tea Party": Where The GOP Could go From Here

As someone who does believe in the Two Party System to this extent, I believe in having the Democratic and Republican Parties. Around to prevent the United States from becoming a One Party State, meaning that both parties are strong enough to represent an effective opposition, that if you. Don't like this party, you have another choice, I prefer multiple choices of parties but with the Two Party System, you at least have a choice, now I would prefer the Democrats controlled both the. White House and Congress, especially with the State of todays Neoconservative GOP and even though that would mean Progressives would have more influence in Congress, with President Obama around. He could prevent Democrats from going too far left and Senate Leader Reid does a good job of that in the Senate, and even though Nancy Pelosi in the House, whether she's Speaker or Minority Leader. And even though she comes from the Progressive Faction of the Democratic Party, is a very effective Legislature and Leader and someone who prefers to legislate and get good deals, rather. Then getting everything that Progressives want, this doesn't mean I want Democrats to have such large majorities, in the House and Senate that. Progressives get everything they want, just enough power to keep the far right in check.

Having said all of that and especially the part about me not believing in a One Party State, we need two. Again at least two strong political parties in America, it might not look this way right now but we don't have that, we have one party that in excellent position to do very well for. At least ten years down the road, because they can communicate to really every group in the country, thats not part of the far right, every ethnic and racial group, you don't see Democrats. Struggling to get 10-30% of any racial group in the country, like you see with Republicans when it comes to African and Latin Americans and perhaps even Jewish Americans and a. Party that has a hard time winning outside of the Bible Belt, or big cities or areas that are very diverse, racially, ethnically and culturally, Democrats are in very good position to. Do very well not just in 2012 and 2014 but 2016 and further down the road then that, especially as we become more diverse as a country.

What you have with today's Republican Party, is the GOP thats dying off, the current base of voters they rely on. Won't be around ten years from now or not a big enough of a Voting Block for the GOP to be competitive nationally and what they will have to do is regroup and bring in different. Voters, that means reforming their platform and welcoming new people to the GOP and relying less on Neoconservatives, Big Government Republicans that want government in our bedrooms. And so fourth who see people who aren't like them, as Un American and have never accepted the fact of how diverse America is. What we have in the United States right now, is a Center Left Democratic Party, with a further left Progressive Faction in it and a Far Right Republican Party. With a smaller Conservative Faction in it, thats not much of a choice for voters. Even if they aren't leftists but somewhere in the middle, they would prefer those people over the Far Right or not vote at all.

What we need in America is a real Conservative Opposition to the Democratic Party, where we have Liberals competing with Conservatives. A government out of our bedrooms and boardrooms party, where the GOP use to be, really just thirty years ago or so, whether that party is a new and. Improved Republican Party or something comes to replace it, like the Libertarian Party or an Independence Party but voters want and need choices in who to vote for or they feel their vote isn't worth much.

Weekly Standard: Bill Kristol: Could Republicans Lose the House?

Could Republicans Lose the House?

If a tight Presidential Election becomes an Electoral Landslide, meaning that President Obama sweeps the battleground States. Which is possible considering he's leading in basically all of them, the House will come into play and it will be just a question, do House Democrats get close to 218 or win a few more seats then that.

Heritage Foundation: "Income Inequality or Lost Opportunity? What's Threatening the American Dream"

Income Inequality or Lost Opportunity? What's Threatening the American Dream

Income Inequality is actually a problem, when the wealthy are getting wealthier on the backs of everyone else. Which is what we saw during the "Great Recession", rich people got richer, everyone else got poorer, lost their jobs,  savings, retirement, found themselves living off of Public Assistance for the first time in their. Lives etc, its not people being rich that is the problem, its how they get rich that can be a problem, do they create new wealth, which is good or do they get there by taking it out on the rest of the country. Run a company into the ground, lay people off and walk away with a big bailout funded by Tax Payers, what we need. Instead is an Opportunity Society, where every American has the opportunity to get the skills needed to be successful in life and is successful as their work and production will allow and then pays taxes based on. How much money they make, the wealthier paying more etc, thats an Economic System that works and is Economic Liberalism 101.

National Journal: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: ‘We Had a Good Week’

Priebus: ‘We Had a Good Week’ -

Whatever pot Chairman Priebus is smoking, he shouldn't keep it to himself and should spread it around. Even sell it, he would make a fortune, he would have to be high to believe the GOP had a good week last week.

Washington Times: Opinion: Joseph CURL: "2012 is 1980 But is Mitt Romney Ronald Reagan?"

CURL: 2012 is 1980 — but is Romney Ronald Reagan? - Washington Times

In one word, not including in and one, the answer is no, Americans liked and knew Ron Reagan, which is a big reason why he won in 1980. And hated the job that President Carter was doing, despite liking him personally, Americans don't like Mitt, a 40% Approval Rating would indicate that and a Disapproval Rating. Around 50%. Ron Reagan was the Master Communicator, Mitt Romney is the Master Flip Flopper, which is why he's failed to communicate so far, as well as not being able to distinguish himself for President Bush, whose still fresh in Americans minds.