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Saturday, September 22, 2012

FOX News: How important is Ohio in the 2012 race?

Mitt Romney probably can't win the Presidential Election if he loses Ohio, because it would mean he would probably. Have to sweep Virginia, North Carolina and Florida and probably win Colorado as well.

Weekly Standard: Fred Barnes: A Rocky Start in the Rockies

A Rocky Start in the Rockies

Lets say Mitt Romney were to win Colorado, which is not a safe assumption, that wouldn't make up for losing. Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida, all Republican States where Mitt is currently trailing. Plus losing Democratic swing States that Mitt has been targeting as well, like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Where he is also trailing.

Washington Times: Opinion: OSLER: "Cutting off Cash Flow The Way to End Drug Trafficking

OSLER: Cutting off cash flow the way to end drug trafficking - Washington Times

If we treated drug trafficking like a business, it would be a legal business, the reason why its such a large business in this country. Because we have a lot of people in this country that like narcotics, legal and illegal and if you want to eliminate drug trafficking, you eliminate the market, not by locking up addicts like they are criminals. And then letting them out while they are still addicted to narcotics but by convincing them  that narcotics are. Dangerous and they shouldn't take them, you don't get there with jail, because they just stay addicted and if anything feed their addiction while incarcerated.