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Thursday, September 20, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Fox News: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: "Talks About Senate Democrats and President's Failure to Lead": Senate Republicans Success at Obstruction

I'll give Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a lot of credit for having the largest set of balls, that could fill up a basketball arena. He gets on President Obama and Senate Democrats for not passing anything, when he and his Republican Caucus under the Minority Leader's Leadership. Have gone out of their way to prevent Senate Democrats from passing anything, every major issue that. Has come to the floor, that has had something to do with some supposed crisis, a word that gets thrown around in Congress. Too much by both parties, Senate Leader Harry Reid has brought legislation to the floor to address the problem, most of these issues have had something to do with economy but thats. Where the economy is right now and all Senate Republicans have done is block whatever bill has come up, without the Senate Republican Leadership offering any alternative to the bills that they. Claim they don't like, even though when Senate Democrats have been successful in getting Cloture in the Senate, Senate Republicans would then vote for the final bill overwhelmingly. Minority Leader McConnell knows that Senate Republicans chances of winning back the Senate this year, are fading. And is going back to the argument that Democrats have failed to lead.

FOX News: FOX News Watch: "Super PAC 'pack of lies' ad"

To take Fox News seriously, Republicans are truth tellers at least the Republicans who hold the party line. And Democrats are excuse the term, bullshit artists who'll say anything to win elections. And if you believe Fox News is correct, then you also believe that Illegal Immigrants come form Mars, its simply not believable.

Commentary: Are Democratic Voters Surging?

Are Democratic Voters Surging?: pThe blizzard of polls that emerged yesterday afternoon had morphed into an Obama avalanche by the time dinnertime rolled around. Surveys at the national and state level disagreed with the results of the two daily tracking polls, Gallup and Rasmussen, which show a tied race around 47 percent. Every other survey, with the exception of [...]/p

The Presidential Election is not a landslide yet but its moving towards an Electoral College landslide for President Obama. If Mitt Romney loses all of these Republican States where he's currently behind, President Obama has a clear lead right now.

National Journal: Alex Roarty: Mitt Romney And Allies Have Money, But Will It Matter?

Romney And Allies Have Money, But Will It Matter? -

The difference being that Mitt Romney is no longer running against Rick Santorum but probably the best politician since Bill Clinton. In Barack Obama who will the resources and allies to defend himself.

Washington Times: Watchdogs Headed for Heavy Budget Cuts

Watchdogs headed for heavy budget cuts - Washington Times

This is how government can work, instead of cutting government waste, they cut back on the people who are suppose to find the government waste.