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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Newsmax: "Larry Sabato: President Obama's DNC Bounce Will Fade Soon": Why The Bounce Could Stick

President Obama last week got a bounce from the DNC and Mitt Romney got zilch a couple of weeks ago. Because the RNC was about everybody else except for Mitt Romney and of course George W. Bush for obvious reasons, at the RNC what we got to see was future Republican stars. Like Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Chris Christie. Who may have big futures in Republican Politics down the road, Senator Rubio for certain, Governor Christie may burn out, his act may get old. Considering he's not very popular in his own State. And he may not get reelected next year, whereas the DNC was about President Obama and what he's been doing as President and what he wants to do in a second term. And getting Democrats out to vote in two months, Democrats had an intensity gap compared with Republicans two weeks ago. That might be gone now, since they spent four days talking to Democrats, speaking to their issues and telling them why they have to get out and vote and work for Democrats in 2012. The 2012 DNC was simply a base convention designed to speak to Democrats and they accomplished that and what Bill Clinton's role was. To speak to Democrats and critique Mitt Romney but also speak to Independents on why President Obama is a better choice then Mitt Romney.

The reason why the bounce might stick and why we might not be tied a couple of weeks from now, is because. Of who he's running against, Mitt Romney has spent seven years running for President and hasn't closed the sale or made the case in why he should be President of the United States. Despite all of the resources he has and can't seem to go more then a few days without changing a position on a key issue like yesterday with healthcare. He's been saying all along that full repeal of the Affordable Care Act is the way to go, now he's saying that there are some previsions in the ACA. That are worth keeping and having the Far Right the Obama Haters on his back, is not helping him with them now bringing back the Muslim charge against the President. They are getting desperate and are running out of bullets and the real issues that Mitt has to use against the President, the economy and debt. He has been unable to make ground on them.

I've been blogging all along that the best thing that President Obama has going for him, is his lack of competition. If the GOP could nominate a solid opponent for the President, someone who knows who they are and what they want to do as President and doesn't need polls to make these decisions. This election is not close right now but they don't have a communicator and are running against a much more skillful and likable politician then what they have.

Washington Times: Opinion: PIPES: 'Barry was Muslim'

PIPES: 'Barry was Muslim' - Washington Times

The Far Right is running out of bullets and ways to scare Americans about Barack Obama. Calling the President a Muslim four years later, when he's a Christian, is a sign of desperation that he'll be reelected.

National Journal: Charlie Cook: Romney Adrift

Romney Adrift -

Barack Obama is simply a better more likable politician then Mitt Romney, who has a clear message and vision for the country. Whether you like those things or not, which are things that Mitt simply hasn't been able to articulate to the country yet. What he wants to do as President and how would his Presidency be different from George W. Bush.