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Friday, August 24, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: CNBC: Representative Paul Ryan talks Healthcare Reform with Howard Dean and John Sheils From 2009: What a Public Option Should Be

Back in July 2009, former DNC Chairman Howard Dean was debating Healthcare Reform with Representative Paul Ryan. Who was then the Ranking Member of the Budget Committee not Chairman, when the House Republicans were still in the minority. And Representative Ryan was actually making the case for why a Public Option would be a good idea in Healthcare Reform. He was literally arguing that this would make people want to choose the Public Option over their private Health Insurer and that. Private Health Insurers wouldn't be able to compete with the Public Option, because the Public Option would deliver Health Insurance at a lower cost. He was arguing that the private Health Insurers wouldn't be able to compete with the way they currently do business and a Public Option would force them out of business. One of the reasons for a Public Option is not to force private Health Insurers out of business, which is what Progressives want. But along with the Patient Bill of Rights is to force them to change their business model. To deliver better Customer Service, one through competition through private Non Profit Health Insurers but also through regulation.

One of the beauties of a Public Option, is that its exactly that a choice, its not forcing people onto Medicare. Whether they want it or not or outlawing the private Health Insurance Industry but giving more Americans including people who can't currently afford Health Insurance. The ability to decide for themselves where to get their Health Insurance or be able to keep their current Health Insurance. Unlike Medicare For All Single Payer which would require everyone in the country to be on Medicare, whether they want it or not, they would no longer be able to make that. Decision for themselves and a Public Option could be done in a way where you wouldn't have to grow the Federal Government but allow the States to set up their own Medicare Public Option plan. Progressive Democrats in Congress have introduce a Single Payer plan, led by Representative Jim McDermott that would allow the States to set up their own Medicare plans as well.

Three years ago Representative Ryan was making the case and I'm sure he did this unintentionally, of why a Public Option. Would be a good idea, because it would force private Health Insurers to change their business model or go out of business. Which is the whole point of a Public Option to bring much needed competition to a bad private Health Insurance System, which is what we need.

The National Journal: Alex Roarty: GOP Convention to Feature Ron Paul Tribute

GOP Convention to Feature Ron Paul Tribute - Alex Roarty -

This will probably get a lot of boos from Neoconservatives

Commentary Magazine: Is Social Issue Strategy Helping Dems?

Is Social Issue Strategy Helping Dems?: pThe Washington Examiner reports that Democrats are going to try to keep the Todd Akin controversy alive through their convention. At Powerline, John Hinderaker argues that this is the worst possible move for the Obama campaign: We can only pray that this report is true, and that the Democrats devote all three days in Charlotte [...]/p

If the GOP decides to fight the Culture War, they will lose because as more the GOP has moved to the right. The country has moved left on Social Issues.

Washington Times: MILLER: Obama or Romney? Libertarians Must Choose

MILLER: Obama or Romney? Libertarians must choose - Washington Times

Libertarians should vote for who they want which is Gary Johnson, as well as plenty of real Liberals such as myself who like him as well. And maybe Gary will do well enough to make a difference and be able to build up the LP for the future.

The National Journal: Coral Davenport: Storm Threatening Tampa Puts GOP Climate Position in Spotlight

Storm Threatening Tampa Puts GOP Climate Position in Spotlight - Coral Davenport -

GOP- This storm is just an act of God