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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tasty Peach Cobbler: Video: The Army-McCarthy Hearings Documentary

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The West with the help of Russia wins World War II and agrees to give Europe the resources that it needs to rebuild themselves after Nazism and what Italian Fascists did to the continent. The West, America and Europe was now somewhat at peace. But in America and Europe you had this huge liberal democracy in America and all of these mid-size developing social democracies in Europe. Against this gigantic totalitarian Communist State in the Soviet Union in Russia. And the two dominant visions of the world because the Liberal Democratic America, versus Communist Russia.

And because of the emergence of the Cold War Americans especially those who perhaps very well-educated about communism became afraid if it. And were worried about communism taking over America and Communists running America. And that is where Senator Joe McCarthy and his allies and colleagues in Congress starting in the House in 1947 with the Un-American Activities Committee. And then in the Senate with Army-McCarthy hearings, emerge to look like they were stamping out Communists in the U.S. Government.

Senator Joe McCarthy becomes a political star very early on, especially as a junior Senator. He becomes Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee in the Senate in 1953 after Republicans win back Congress again. After only being in the Senate for five years. But his political skills at least early on and his power as a speaker gave him a following to move up quickly and a platform to investigate supposed Communists in the U.S. Government. And to look like the strongest anti-Communist around and to advance his political career.

FRSFreeStatePlus: The Daily Caller: HHS Secretary Sebelius: "Paul Ryan's Medicare reform Plan a Serious Proposal": A Real Reform Plan

Representative Paul Ryan's Medicare Reform Plan is a serious plan, thats not the question its a real proposal designed to cut costs in Medicare. By turning it into a Voucher System where seniors would get a voucher and be able to get Health Insurance in the private Health Insurance Industry. But the problem is Medicare would no longer be an option for them in where they can get their Health Insurance and no longer have the option of choosing one of the best. Health Insurers in the country for their Health Insurance, a Health Insurer thats designed to provide quality Health Insurance at affordable costs. That yes has financial issues but the way to solve these issues, is not cutting back on the services but to bring younger healthier people into the system. By giving them the option to buy into Medicare and giving seniors the option of leaving Medicare for a private Health Insurer, with the same payments that would cover their Medicare. Just as long as they have that option, which would mean that Medicare would have to cover less people in the future, as well as being able to cover healthier younger people in the future as well. Which would bring down the costs of Medicare in the future.

The Affordable Care Act already saves money in Medicare, cutting the payments that would go to private Health Insurers, as part of Medicare Advantage that was created in 2003. And returning that money to Medicare to be used to pay for Medicare Insurance, under the Ryan Plan. The costs of healthcare would go up for seniors, because now they would be tuck with private Health Insurance. And a voucher that would not cover all of their Health Insurance costs and they would have to cover the rest out of pocket. So the Ryan Plan is a serious plan but a seriously bad Plan to Reform Medicare.

Commentary Magazine: The Todd Akin Fiasco

The Todd Akin Fiasco: pOn Sunday, a six-term Congressman from Missouri running as the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate went on a newsmaker program and, in defense of his pro-life views, reported that doctors say the body of a woman who has suffered a “legitimate rape” will somehow contrive to prevent a pregnancy: “It seems to me, from what [...]/p

This coming from the Neoconservative Commentary Magazine

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Voters in 'Solid South' up for grabs - Washington Times

Florida, North Carolina and Virginia are the only Bible Belt States up for grabs

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Is Todd Akin Toast In Missouri?

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