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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bill McCune: Barry Goldwater- An American Life

Source: Bill McCune-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post

Anyone whose not as familiar with American Conservatism as much as they would like to be and would like to learn more about American Conservatism, I have some suggestions on how to do that. Stop watching Fox News or using it as a main source of info, because it’s really mostly neoconservative commentary. And don’t read publications that claim to be Conservative but are really Neoconservative. Big Government Republicanism, like Commentary or Human Events. Unless you are interested in neoconservatism. But if you are really interested in learning about American Conservatism, research Barry Goldwater because that’s what it’s about. Read the book Conscience of a Conservative that was written by Senator Goldwater in 1960. That book lays out the conservative vision for America.

American Conservatism is about freedom and Americans being able to live independently of the state, especially the Federal Government. As far as being able to pay our own bills, our living expense and so forth. And that Americans should be able to live their own lives as they see fit as long as we are not hurting innocent people with what we are doing. Senator Goldwater even believed in the right to collectively bargain, just as long as workers weren’t forced to join labor unions. Barry Goldwater’s politics didn’t change as some Republicans and others have charged today. The Republican Party has changed to the point that Senator Goldwater couldn’t win the Republican nomination for President today.

Thats how far to the Right the party has moved. When Senator Goldwater left Congress in 1987, the Republican Party was still the Conservative Party in America. Now it’s probably the farthest right party that we have in America and that’s different. Barry probably could win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. Even though they probably wouldn’t of liked his foreign policy views. Senator Goldwater wasn’t an isolationist, but other than that he would’ve fit in very well with the LP. And they would’ve taken him. But the Religious-Right would’ve tried to kick Senator Goldwater, Mr. Conservative out of the GOP.

Barry was a real Conservative. Senator Goldwater wasn’t interested in things like homosexuality and pornography, he had a gay grandson. And his famous line about Gays in the military, was that he didn’t care if soldiers were gay or straight, but could they shoot straight. He also said that the religion doesn’t belong in politics as it relates to policy and that abortion isn’t a political issue. But freedom of choice issue. And that he didn’t want Big Government in his wallet or bedroom. All reasons why he wouldn’t fit into the Republican Party today.
Bill McCune: Barry Goldwater- An American Life

FRSFreeStatePlus: Mitt Romney VP Announcement with Rep. Paul Ryan: How Paul Ryan Changes The Presidential Election

Before I get far into this selection, I just want to layout how I feel about Representative Paul Ryan the next Republican Vice Presidential Nominee. Who will of course run with Mitt Romney, that as a Liberal Democrat I actually like Representative Ryan and here's why, even though we agree on almost nothing. When it comes to policy but I like Paul Ryan, because of his style of debate, that he makes debating about the issues and uses the facts that best represents his side, as well as it can be done. And that he's the best Republican Spokesmen when it comes to the economy and Fiscal Policy and that he's a pretty honest guy and is above making debates personal. He attacks Democrats when it comes to policies, rather then making those attacks personal and doesn't question motives. At least not as much as the more partisan Republicans, especially from the Tea Party and personally he's a very likable charming guy who can connect with average people. Drink beer, watch ballgames, talk about music and movies, all things that Mitt Romney struggles to do, as badly as a fish that would struggle to walk. So in this sense Paul Ryan balances out Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan knows what he does for a living, how much money he made last year, how much he paid in taxes and how much things that people need cost. All things that Mitt Romney probably doesn't know.

So here are the plus's of Paul Ryan, he's a real Economic Conservative, in the sense that he truly believes in Economic Freedom. Except for maybe when it comes to Collective Bargaining but we'll see later and low taxes, limiting the Federal Government and so fourth. So in this sense he'll appeal to the Tea Party. Here are the minus's of and I'll start with the Republican Party first, like Mitt Romney Paul Ryan is not a Cultural Warrior, not interested in telling Americans he we should live. He doesn't push Social Issues at all, he's not a Big Government Republican and will reenforce those weakness's that Mitt Romney has with the Religious Right. Rick Santorum would've solved those problems for Mitt but would've created a flood of many other problems, which is why he wasn't selected. The problems that Paul Ryan creates for Independent Voters, can be summed up in three words, the Ryan Plan, especially as it relates to Medicare.

As a Democrat I'm glad Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan who from a Democratic point of view, is the best non Cultural Warrior that they could've selected. And now we'll be able to tie Mitt to not only Paul Ryan but the Ryan Plan and if I'm the Obama Campaign. I'm running adds right now in Wisconsin, Representative Ryan's home State about the Ryan Plan and making the case that it would end Medicare as we know it. Because thats exactly what it would do for people under 56 once they are eligible for Medicare by forcing into the private Health Insurance Industry with a voucher. Thats not as much as Medicare, this could really hurt Romney/Ryan with Independents in the Midwest and Florida. Selecting Paul Ryan tells me that Mitt knows he's definitely behind now, somewhere between 5-10 points and that he needed to complete a long pass to get back in the game. But the problem with long passes is that they are low percentage and get picked off, which is what Democrats will be trying to do.

Here are the risks with Paul Ryan, 42, has spent most if not all of his entire professional life in Washington. Working in Congress, a Washington Insider, little to no Foreign Policy experience except how it relates to the Defense Budget as Chairman of the Budget Committee. Never been an Executive at any level, never really ran anything other then the House Budget Committee, for now eighteen months, before that Ranking Member of that committee was his biggest job. Gives a great speech about the economy but no experience in the Private Sector running or managing a business. So he brings a lot of baggage for Mitt Romney that Mitt didn't have before that they will have to deal with, because Democrats will keep reminding voters about it.