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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Washington Times: Opinion: Chuck Bentley: "Government Giving Gets Robin Hood All Wrong"

BENTLEY: Government giving gets Robin Hood all wrong - Washington Times

I wrote a blog last week arguing against eliminating the charitable tax deduction would be a bad idea because if anything we should. Be encouraging Americans to donate more to charities as well as encouraging Americans to work for charities as well. Progressives seem to have this idea that if we eliminate the charitable deduction, the country would be able. To give more to the less fortunate, because now the Federal Government would have more money to take. Care of the poor as well as the wealthy would still have all of this money to give to charities anyway which is not true. And besides its not just the poor that donate money and time to charities but the middle class as well. People who work in soup kitchens a lot of these people being teachers who of course aren't rich or they wouldn't be teaching. We want to encourage Americans to help the poor and if anything we want them to do more for the poor. So we have less Americans living in poverty and creating policies that discourage people donating in charity. To finance government programs that keep people in poverty would try to fix one problem but not fix the problem. And instead create other problems, more people living on public assistance, less money and time being donated to charities.