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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Weekly Standard: Opinion- William Kristol: The Greatest Conservative Generation

Source: UPI- Robert Bork-
Source: The Weekly Standard: Opinion- William Kristol: The Greatest Conservative Generation

To talk about the greatest conservative generation you should at least know what conservatism is and what it means to be a Conservative. And that its about economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, peace through strength, individual responsibility, but also personal freedom as well. That its a big tent philosophy because its about conserving freedom. Which is what Conservatives are about and not dividing the country based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, culture, lifestyle and so- forth.

That not all Americans were born in the 1930s or earlier and grew up in the 1950s or earlier that conservatism is a modern political philosophy that can appeal to millions of Americans and different generations. And doesn't try to divide the country by the groups. I just mentioned and understand that not all Americans are the same, but that what brings Conservatives and Americans together is the belief in individual freedom and responsibility, fiscal responsibility, limited government, federalism and peace through strength and doesn't call people Un-American because they don't share all of the same cultural and religious values.

So after getting through that if you want to know who are part of the greatest conservative generation, it starts with I believe Bill Buckley and then I would go to Barry Goldwater and might add Bob Taft SR.

And then people like Gerry Ford perhaps the most fiscally conservative President we've ever had with all of his vetoes of Congressional appropriations bills and calls for balancing the Federal budget that he would've never had gotten out of the Progressive Democratic Congress's back then. But his call for that as well as federalism as the alternative to the New Deal and Great Society that President Nixon put through first but that President Ford got behind as well. In English that means giving state and local government's to the authority to run Federal social programs. Richard Nixon at least if you look at conservatism in the classical sense stacks up pretty well in the areas of foreign policy. His call for federalism and his beliefs in personal freedom, but he comes up short on civil liberties.

Ron Reagan like Bill Buckley and Barry Goldwater , Jack Kemp who came from the next generation up born in the 1930s, deserve multiple blogs about their conservative credentials. Ron Reagan who described his politics as Libertarian up until 1975 or so and came out against legislation in California that would've allowed employers to fire homosexuals based on their sexuality. Because what
conservatism actually is looks more like libertarianism on social issues and fiscal policy. And what qualifies as conservatism today looks like an authoritarian form of statism or theocratic, rather than  conservative in a political sense. Which is why the Republican Party is in the bad shape thats its in today.
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