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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Washington Times: Opinion: Dalibor Rohac: "Fiscal Cliff Caused by Philosophies That Don't Work": Americans Getting The Politicians They Vote For

ROHAC: 'Fiscal cliff' caused by philosophies that don't work - Washington Times

If I were to put the blame on one group in the country, lets say I could only pick one for the government and. Financial situation that we have today even though a lot more people deserve blame for this situation, I would. Put the blame on American voters, its that simple because we get the politicians and public officials that we vote for. If you don't like our current government and system, you only have yourself to blame if you keep voting for. The people who keep that system in place and if you are going to complain about corrupt politicians. Stop voting for them and if you were unaware of how corrupt your Representatives, Senators and so fourth. Were before you voted for them, again look in the mirror because you didn't do your homework and the other. Problem America is a country that hates high taxes but loves high spending, we expect the Federal Government. To do a lot for us but when its time to pay the bills we refuse to let our politicians tax us for it or cut spending. Somewhere else and as a country we tend to say that we don't like debt and deficits and that we should cut them. But again when its time to cut our budget and raise revenue, we refuse to let our politicians do that for us.

So to blame the current political situation on the Republicans and Democrats or the Republican or Democratic leaderships. I agree they both deserve some blame for this but keep in mind even though they may be officially Leaders. And I'm sure they lead in their own ways but they are really just there to represent the people who pay their bills. And send them to Washington, because both sides knows how to solve the problem and if they were all real Leaders. We are not talking about a fiscal cliff right now and the possible consequences of the across the board budget cuts and tax hikes. We don't go through the soap opera that produced the sequester in the summer of 2011, why because we would've. Had Leaders on both sides recognizing the current political situation of divided government and what the. Current economic and fiscal situation was as well, we have both a weak economy and a pile of debt and deficits. That we must address even if that means both sides compromising which is what would've happen.

Again the solution to our economic and fiscal problems gets to limited government, getting back to a government. That we need, afford and will pay for in taxes and not borrowing the money from another country and that means. When we run deficits and programs need to be reformed, we either fix those revenue problems by reforming them. Raising revenue or finding savings or we go without with Americans making those decisions for themselves. And taking the personal responsibility to meet those needs themselves but we don't say government you have. To do this for me but you can't raise my taxes and you can't cut spending, something has to give.