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Monday, December 24, 2012

Washington Times: Opinion: William G. Shipman: "Stemming The Tide of Government Growth": How The Federal Government Has Grown

SHIPMAN: Stemming the tide of government growth - Washington Times

Ever since the Great Depression and the New Deal in the 1930s the role of the Federal Government in America. Has been changing its actually expanded to where prior to the New Deal, America was basically and economically. Conservative-Libertarian country and then the New Deal was created as a response to the Great Depression. Not to replace American Capitalism with State-Ownership but to propose a Democratic Socialist model. Of how to respond to Capitalism when people fall through the cracks of it and for whatever reasons can't take. Care of themselves so Social Security is created as insurance for pensions so people who don't have a big enough. Pension to be able to take care of themselves in their senior years, would at least have Social Security so they. Could pay their bills, Unemployment Insurance gets created so when of course workers are out of work, they. Can collect Unemployment Insurance for a brief amount of time while they are looking for another job. Welfare Insurance gets created for low skilled people who simply lack the skills to get a good enough job. To be able to take care of themselves and so fourth.

Whatever you think of the New Deal, Great Society the creation of the safety net in America, chances are you. Don't think its perfect that if you had the chance you would do it differently or eliminate both of them all together. Especially if you are a Libertarian, Progressives in this country would've gone a lot further and moved towards what's. Called in Europe the welfare state where the Federal Government would play a major role in taking care. Of and providing basic services for Americans, Liberals such as myself would've taken what was done with Welfare to Work. In 1996 and used all of these programs to empower people to be able to get off of them and be able to take care. Of themselves, Conservatives whether they are Federalists or more Conservative in the classical sense. Would've instead of creating the New Deal and Great Society would've set up a system where a lot of these. Social insurances could've either be run by the private sector or block granted to the states and localities for them. To run with the resources to run them.

But limited government is about limiting government to only doing the things that we as a country and people. Need the government to do that it does better then the private sector, so yes there would be a safety net. But that doesn't mean if would necessarily be run by the Federal Government and perhaps by the states instead. But not there to take care of everyone and especially not there to run our lives and since the New Deal. We've moved away from limited government and now have a government that responds to people based. On what the people want from government rather then what we need it to do and we need to reverse that. To get our debt and deficit under control.