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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Washington Times: Opinion: J.D. Gordon: "President Obama Must Take Hollywood to Task on Gun Violence": The Same Old Stale Left-Right Debate on Freedom

GORDON: Obama must take Hollywood to task on gun violence - Washington Times

I just finished writing a blog about ten minutes ago about the two visions of freedom in the Republican Party. Conservative-Libertarians vs Christian Conservatives, as well as Liberal Democrats vs Social Democrats in the Democratic Party. Here's an example of that, every time we have a tragedy like what happened in Newtown, the far right and far left. From both parties come together and blame it on our freedom that if our freedom was more limited, we. Wouldn't have so many tragedies in this country as if its that simple, we outlaw guns we can eliminate gun violence. We eliminate violent entertainment, we can eliminate gun violence, perhaps not aware that if we tried to do. Either they would both be unconstitutional and even if it were that simple, lets say we actually outlawed guns. In America, we would still have gun violence, its just that criminals and the mentally disabled and if you think. We already have too many people in prison or that 2M inmates is not enough, outlaw guns and those numbers. Would go up and if we actually eliminated violent entertainment, those movies and games and so fourth would. Still be around, again just done illegally and again we would end up with even more people in prison.

Both of these activities have a role with our violence in America, thats not the question as much as the NRA. And perhaps some groups in Hollywood may deny that, the question is what do we do about it and subtracting. From the constitutional freedoms that we already have is not the way to get there, prohibition simply doesn't work. As we are seeing with the failed War on Drugs that even the Obama Administration is now taking another look at. We don't have too much freedom we already outlaw hurting innocent people, its not responsible people. Who are the problems here but the fact that we have too many people who have no business owning and possessing. Firearms in this country that have them and we have too many parents in this country that don't do a good enough. Job of overseeing what the kids purchase and view that is the problem and we are probably going to need. To rate certain types of entertainment and only allow people adults who are 21 or over to view it but thats different. From outlawing it.

Regulation always beats prohibition in this country because if people want something bad enough, they'll find. A way to get it even if that means going to jail but by regulating certain activities in this country, we can make. Then as safe as possible and prevent innocent lives from being lost.