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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Washington Times: Opinion: Ted Nugent: "Connecticut Killings a Result of Moral Decay": Why Its Not That Simple

NUGENT: Connecticut killings a result of moral decay - Washington Times

Every time I hear a so called Conservative and if you read this blog on a regular basis you know that I've questioned. And proudly and accurately so the Conservatism of these so called Conservatives especially in a party that had. The opportunity to nominate for President the most Conservative person running for President in Ron Paul. And he only won two Republican primaries, so when I hear so called Conservatives talk about how Conservative. They are because they believe in freedom and fiscal responsibility and that these are the things that will bring. America back to its greatness as if we are no longer great, even though more people still immigrate to this country. Every year more then any other country in the World and then on the other hand I hear some of these so called. Conservatives talk about our moral decay that we have too  much freedom in this country and we need to restrict. Our freedom to again restore America to its greatness, I get a little dizzy because what's the first rule in debating. And making an argument, don't contradict yourself, you argue for freedom on one hand and you argue. Against it on the other hand.

Do we have a problem when it comes to moral values in the country and too many families being broken due. To poverty and people making wrong choices about when to have kids and so fourth, of course we do just look. At the amount of people we have in prison in this country the largest prison population in the World but to. Say thats the only problem would be to ignore all of the other problems as well. We have too many Americans that have access to firearms in this country that have no legitimate business. To firearms in this country, the second amendment is for responsible adults in this country, not for mentally handicapped people and criminals. Who don't understand the consequences of what shootings like this can bring to society or don't have a big enough. Conscience to care enough to not shoot innocent children who just happen to be going to school that day. And until we address these issues of guns getting into the wrong hands and how inadequate our mental healthcare. Is in this country we are going to continue to have shootings like this.

We could have the best families and moral values possible but we'll never have a country that doesn't have mental disease. And criminal minds, so unless we can work on all of these issues in a comprehensive approach and get guns. Away from people who have no business possessing them and prevent irresponsible people from possessing. Guns and do a better job of treating our mentally disabled population, we are going to continue to have tragedies like this.