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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Washington Times: Editorial: Democracy's Egyptian Peril: The Future of Democracy in Egypt

EDITORIAL: Democracy's Egyptian peril - Washington Times

For anyone who has this vision that Egypt will go from a military dictatorial authoritarian republic to a Liberal Democracy. Like we see in lets say in America overnight, is seeing things and is perhaps suffering from paranoia right now. Thats just not the type of country that Egypt is and has been, the best model for Egypt at least for anyone. Who believes in Democracy, is probably Turkey in the Middle East which is a Democracy that has very deep. Conservative religious beliefs where Turks combine their religious with their political beliefs but what Egypt. Does has its what's known as Liberal Democrats in America Egyptians who believe in ethnic and racial. As well as religious and gender tolerance that all Egyptians should be treated equally under law and people. Who believe in individual freedom, civil liberties and human rights which is progress in a country where these. Beliefs weren't very common in this country just two years ago and if they were made public, these people would. Risk being jailed by the Hosni Mubarak Regime.

Egypt right now is split between Liberal Democrats, I guess Islamist Democrats the Muslim Brotherhood. And the old Mubarak Regime what's called the Democratic Party over there but they aren't very Democratic. At best they would people who would be described as Neoconservatives in America that the state is paramount over the individual. And that freedom has to be limited in order to protect the state that individual freedom can be dangerous. Which basically sums up the current Republican Party in America, a large faction of it anyway. I'm of course as a Liberal Democrat myself in America, are with the Liberal Democrats in Egypt and I hope they'll. Emerge as the governing party over there and hopefully at least in the short term serve as the opposition party to the Islamist Democrats. But for Egyptian Liberals to do well in Egypt they, they have to convince Egyptians why Liberalism is way forward. For Egypt, what individual freedom means and so fourth.

Its not enough for Liberals to say that the Islamists don't go far enough to push Democracy in Egypt and that. They are wrong here and wrong there but they need an agenda of their own to counter what the Islamists are doing. And have an agenda thats built around individual freedom, equal treatment under law for all Egyptians. Why economic freedom should go along with social freedom and religious freedom, why combining religion. With state is dangerous and so fourth they need to communicate what Liberalism would mean for Egypt and why its the way forward. Which is what they haven't done yet.