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Thursday, December 13, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Washington Times: Editorial: "End of the American Superpower": America's New Role In The World

EDITORIAL: End of the American superpower - Washington Times

The days that the United States can police the World are over or coming to an end, we simply don't have the. Resources to do that anymore, especially with the condition of our economy and fiscal situation, where we now own. Debt to countries that we are paying them to defend and thats a good thing, as well as the days that Europe. Can sit on the sidelines and expect America to take care of its national defense are also over as well, which is also a good thing. America has been declining over the last ten years or so but that has to do with our economic situation, we are simply. Not growing now the way we did in the 1980s and 90s but the good news is this has given us an opportunity. As a country to rethink what we should be doing economically and what our foreign and national security policy. Should look like in the future, what role should America have in the World and has also given Europe as well. As I believe Japan the same opportunity, the economic giants of the developed World, to rethink where they should be.

America has been declining economically and perhaps even militarily over the last ten years or so but a lot of. That has to do with policies here at home that have weaken our economic picture, as well as our foreign policy picture. Europe has been declining as well with weaker economic growth, higher unemployment and an aging and dying. Population that they haven't been replacing, as well as government that have promised to do more for their people. Then the economy has been able to produce the resources to pay for, so now they are being forced to rethink. What they want their Federal Governments to do and hopefully as America hopefully soon pulls out of Europe. Europe will then also rethink their military posture and take the lead role in securing their own defense. Which would also boost their economies, because of new industries that would be created.

The American decline doesn't have to be indefinite, China will probably pass us as having the largest economy. In the World within twenty years, even if they are still a developing country but that doesn't mean they'll. Have the most important economy or the strongest militarily in the World as well, America will still have a say. In that depending on how our debt, deficit and economy looks in the future, what we are doing as a country. To develop our economy even further, do we rebuild this country that needs all sorts of new infrastructure investment. And be able to keep pace or even past China and Brazil or do we continue to lag in this critical area. Do we develop a national energy policy that moves us towards energy independence and are at least moving. Off of foreign oil by 2030, or are we still importing oil from countries that don't have our best interest at heart.

These are questions we have to answer as a country and start rebuilding our economy and get past this 1-2%. Economic growth rate that we've been stuck at the last couple of years and move to finally get our debt and deficit. Under control which would mean countries would have less leverage over us and we develop a new foreign policy. That built around being Leader for Liberal Democracy in the World, not trying to force it on anyone but working. With others who want it and don't currently have it and working with our allies when crisis's pop up in the World. Rather then trying to police the World ourselves.