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Monday, December 10, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Commentary: Ben Cohen: Chavismo After Chavez

Chavismo After Chavez: p“Free, free, totally free,” Hugo Chavez bellowed at reporters during a July 9 press conference in Caracas, when asked about the treatment he’d been undergoing in Cuba for the cancer he was diagnozed with one year earlier.  That claim of a miraculous cure sustained him throughout the summer, as he fought off a concerted opposition [...]/p

Its kinda of difficult to define Hugo Chavez's politics, the President of the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela perhaps. Soon to be the second Communist Republic in Latin America right after Cuba, its a little difficult to define President Chavez's politics. Because officially he's the Leader of the Socialist Party in Venezuela and its true that President Chavez has clear. Socialist leanings on economic policy, with all of the Venezuelan business's and industries that he's nationalized. But President Chavez doesn't govern, rule more like like a Socialist at least not a Democratic Socialist but more like a dictator. A Communist even, Hugo Chavez's political hero is Fidel Castro, of course the former Communist dictator. Of Cuba, rather then having some of the Democratic Socialists in Europe as his hero or even Franklin Roosevelt in America. As his hero, Hugo Chavez's hero is the great in a political sense with the power he gained, as we ll as popularity, the Communist dictator in Cuba.

So I see Hugo Chavez as a Communist and not a Democratic Socialist, especially considering all of the media. He's nationalized to the point where its really hard to get an opposition voice heard in Venezuela, the last election. Being a perfect example of that and considering how he and his administration have treated the Democratic opposition in Venezuela. And there is a significant Democratic opposition in Venezuela, Liberal Democratic that would love to move past. The Chavez dictatorship and give Venezuela a real future thats built around the country's natural resources and the Venezuelan people. But none of that can happen as long as there's a dictator thats leading Venezuela who continues to. Concentrate power with the Federal Government there and continues to take the attitude that he knows best. What Venezuelans need to live, rather then Venezuelans being able to make those decisions for themselves.

The only way you beat a dictator assuming the people can actually vote for candidates that aren't of the dictator's. Party is by literally taking your message to the people and if the government is blocking the opposition from doing that. Then the people have to take it upon themselves and decide for themselves that they are no longer going to put up wit Authoritarianism. No matter what label the Authoritarianism is coming under and decide for themselves that its time and vote for new leadership.