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Monday, December 3, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: C-Span's BookTV In Depth: US Senator Tom Coburn, December 2, 2012: Talking Fiscal Conservatism and The National Debt

I tend to like Senator Tom Coburn when it comes to fiscal policy and his fiscal Conservatism, I don't. Agree with him on everything but our approach to solving our national debt and deficit and perhaps reforming the Federal Government. Across the board, are probably fairly similar because both of our approaches are built around limited government. Both our visions when it comes to limited government when it comes to fiscal policy, probably look fairly similar. Now my approach when it comes to limited government on social issues, I'm sure looks very. Different, I'm a Liberal and I don't want government in my life or other peoples lives, as long as we aren't hurting innocent people. Senator Coburn doesn't go that far and I'll leave it there for now but fiscally we look fairly similar. Limited government is about government doing the things for the people, that we need government to do.

Government especially the Federal Government because they control the currency and don't have to balance their budgets. Should only be doing things that it does well and the things that it needs to do, where they are in a better position to do them. Rather then the states or private sector, that they aren't currently doing well, they need to do much better. Then they are right now, thats what limited government is about, not trying to take care of the country or run. Their lives but take care of the things that the people can't do for themselves or can't do as well, its not that. There shouldn't be a safety net in America and that government shouldn't be helping people who are are. Out of work and need new skills in order to get a good job but before we add money to programs. Or create new programs, lets first see if we already have a program like that in the government and then lets. Evaluate to see how that program is working.

A lot of times in the Federal Government when its determined that programs aren't working, Congress. Automatically decides that the program isn't working because its underfunded, rather then looking to see. Why it isn't working, now some times programs can work better with more money and be able to serve more people. But thats not always the case, sometimes the program needs to be reformed to serve the people its intended to serve better. And if we decide that program isn't working, before we give it more money. Lets see why its not working and how its managed and based on that then figure out how it could work better. If we decide that we need that program at all, government shouldn't be run like corporations, they are simply. Different types of organizations, one tends to be for profit and government tends to be non profit but government should. Be in the business to serve people well and not waste money.

Public Service is not just about having a job as a Public Servant but about using that job to serve people well. And not just there to do the job and collect paychecks and all of the benefits that come from it. Which is how we should run all government programs, by how they are actually working, are they meeting the goals. That they were designed to and if they are great but if they aren't, then we need to figure how to make. Those programs work better, if we need them at all and not just give them more money.