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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Black Conservative: Eric Foner: Freedom, Capitalism and Morality: Individual Freedom vs The Moral Code

The Black Conservative: Freedom, Capitalism and Morality - Eric Foner

American history historian Eric Foner says it perfectly when he's talking about freedom that there's two views. Of freedom in the Republican Party, one coming from the Conservative-Libertarian wing which says that individual freedom. Means the right for people to live their own lives, not so much live their life without any limits that we can't hurt. Innocent people but that we should be free to live our own lives as we see fit as long as we aren't hurting any. Innocent people with what we are doing, the Ron Paul wing of the party that is actually getting bigger in the GOP. And the future of the GOP at least as I'm concern for the GOP to remain a major party and then there's . The Christian-Conservative wing people who are more Conservative in a religious sense then a political sense. That believes that people should be free to live their own lives but that limits shouldn't just be for how we interact. With each other but there should be limits on how we live our own lives, that certain behavior should be outlawed. Because they see it as immoral and you probably have a good idea what those issues are if you keep up with the GOP.

There's also a division in the Democratic Party of what freedom should mean, the wing that I come from the. Liberal-Libertarian wing if you will that takes the position that people should be free to live their own lives as. They see fit as long as we aren't hurting any innocent people with what we are doing and there are the Progressive-Social Democrats. That have more of a big brother view on this that one of the roles of government is to put limits on certain. Behaviors that could be seen as dangerous even just to be people who engage in them, we saw this in New York City. Where they tried to ban soft drinks back in June that one of the roles of government is to protect people and. Not just look after our welfare but to take steps to insure that we are all living a quality life and you see this. On issues like hate speech and gun control where a faction in the Progressive movement would like to see. Those things outlawed even if that means amending the US Constitution to do that, so both major parties. Have different views on freedom even within their own party.

The good news for the Democratic Party is that the Liberals won out and have been winning out which is why. They did so well in the 2012 elections with young people who tend to be Liberal-Libertarian as we saw. With the Ron Paul Libertarian movement and had the Progressives had won out, the DP wouldn't of. Done as nearly as well and would've lost some people to the Ron Paul movement and the reason why the GOP. Didn't do as well nationally and in Congress, is because they are still tied to the religious right in America. As the country is becoming more Liberal-Libertarian.