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Thursday, December 20, 2012

AEI: Press: John Weicher: Housing Policy at a Crossroads: The Why, Who, and How of Housing Assistance

Housing Policy at a Crossroads: The Why, Who, and How of Assistance Programs - Economics - AEI

John Weicher of the American Enterprise Institute has a point when he says that American housing policy that. Is Federal housing assistance policy since the New Deal and Great Society and the goal of it is that all Americans. Would have access to housing in America whether they can afford housing on their own or not. Another words to translate Washington speak, all Americans would have access to a place to live in America. No matter if they are working or not and if they can afford a place to live or not, the term adequate housing. Is somewhat misleading because we have millions of Americans living in public housing in America that live in. Neighborhoods that no American in their right mind would live in if they could afford not to, neighborhoods. That are full of crime, bad schools and poverty and I guess you could make a case under Federal law that this is. Adequate housing because these people still have a place to live, even if they have to constantly worry about. Whether someone is going to break into their home or not, whether their kids are going to make it to and from school. Everyday or not and whether they can get themselves a good job and be able to feed their kids adequately or not.

But if you were to just speak in language of common sense and people who don't speak in Washington speak. Generally and you are thinking about what adequate housing is, you would probably think that what qualifies as. Adequate housing according to the Federal Government wouldn't meet your definition. That you wouldn't live in an area where you have to worry about someone breaking into your home and can you get to. Work and back from work safely and can your kids get to and from school safely or not and are you able to have. A good job or not and can you put enough quality food on the table or not that these basic needs would already. Be met and adequate housing would be more about having two bedrooms instead of three, having enough parking. Having basic electricity and equipment or not to run the house or not but not whether you have security for. Yourself and your family but you have a decent but perhaps not a great home in a decent but not great. Neighborhood but your basic needs are being met though, that would be adequate housing in America.

My whole point has to do with what's wrong with public housing in America that its not about lifting people. Out of poverty but forcing them to live in it in rundown neighborhoods with no hope of a good future. With no way of making it to the middle class where their kids are stuck going to awful schools and where. A lot of them partially because of the schools that they are stuck going to not finishing school and making the. Same mistakes that their parents made when what we should be doing is stop building public housing units. In bad neighborhoods and give these people the ability to live in better neighborhoods with subsidize housing. But also with education, job training and job placement available to them so they wouldn't have to live in. Public housing in the future and be able to pay their own rent or mortgage and be able to pay their own bills in society.