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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Washington Times: Tim Devaney: Senate Fiance Committee Economist Calls For 'Super Duper Committee'

Senate economist calls for 'Super Duper Committee' - Washington Times

This is complete nonsense and I could use a stronger word then that but I'll spare you, the so called super committee. From 2011 was set up to fail because it was mostly made up of members of Congress from both parties, House and Senate. That were never going to agree to a comprehensive approach to solving the debt and deficit issues, because these were some of the most partisan members of Congress. Who were in the Democratic and Republicans leaderships in both the House and Senate and were there to do nothing more. Then to protect the views of their caucus's, not there to negotiate a deal and if the same thing were to happen now. Even a so called too big to fail provision, that if they don't come up with an agreement, the United States would default or something. Or the Federal Government would literally shut down, even Social Security and Medicare, guess what, thats exactly what will happen. Because Speaker Boehner. Leader Reid, Minority Leader Pelosi and Minority Leader McConnell would only appoint members who would be there to make sure a comprehensive deal is not reached.

What President Obama and Speaker Boehner need to do is reach an agreement that includes budget cuts and savings. For entitlements in exchange for a millionaires tax, where ever dollar made over a million would be taxed higher then today. The deal like this would avoid the fiscal cliff and both Democrats and Republicans would also get an agreement to work on some new economic growth package. That the House and Senate committees that handle this would be instructed to work on as soon as the new. Congress convenes in January, that would include tax reform, new tax cuts that Republicans like and new infrastructure investment. That Democrats like so both sides could avoid the fiscal cliff and get credit for passing a bill that can jump start the economy as well. Thats how we would avoid going over the cliff.