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Friday, November 2, 2012

SouthernAvenger: Jack Hunter: "Can't Be Worse Than Obama"

For me to say whose the worst President in the history of the United States, would be very difficult. For me to do since I can't name all forty four Presidents in our history, I go back to William McKinley, can name all the Presidents since and a bunch before President McKinley but. I can't name all of them but I can name the worst President in my lifetime, which would be George W. Bush. I don't believe President Bush is as bad as a lot of his critics believe and I do give him. Credit for keeping the United States safe since 9/11, so no President Obama is not the worse President. At least in my lifetime and I have my own disagreements with him, not so much disappointments. But disagreements with him and considering the situation that President Obama inherited and that he blew. A big opportunity in 2009 with the American Recovery Act, it wasn't big enough and should've been targeted more with Tax Relief. For business's and a lot more Infrastructure Investment, just to use as a couple of examples.

I believe President Obama has been a good President but with a lot of room to improve like with the economy. Debt and deficit but also on things like Civil Liberties and War on Drugs, issues we expect Democrats to do well on especially when they are suppose to be Liberal Democrats.