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Liberal Democracy
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Right Coast: "Who Let Our Children Become Communists?"

Right Coast: Who let our children become Communists?: Who let our children become Communists? Our Politicians and Pundits don’t seem to understand that in this last election in November, ...

Wow Communists, the far right in America going to a new low, getting bigger shovels and drills and digging. Their hole even further, just more evidence why they have no business running a major political party in America. And if they keep running the Republican party, will no longer be running a major political party anymore. Because the GOP will no longer be a major party in America, if they stay on course, if the far right wants to secede from America. I have no problem with that and maybe they can invade some Caribbean island or something and start a Confederate party there to run that island there. Or maybe even start a Confederate party in America, a party that believes in combining state with religion. Your either rich or not important, your either Caucasian and even male or not important and so fourth but the GOP. Needs to divorce this faction to remain a major party in America and bring in new voters and then they can move on in America.

Here's the intelligence or lack of intelligence of Neoconservatives, Confederates even which is how I may start. To refer to them especially with so many petitions going out with them want to leave the union, if you believe in equality of opportunity. And are able to speak to people other then Caucasians and can even speak to Caucasians as well, President Obama did win about 40% of the Caucasian vote in America. If you are able to do these things, you are apparently a Communist, I almost feel sorry for people who are that. Close minded and wish them well when they leave the United States.