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Monday, November 19, 2012

Right Coast: "We’re Heading for Economic Dictatorship": What The Far Right Still Doesn't Get About Barack Obama

Right Coast: We’re heading for economic dictatorship: The whole of the West is falling into the economic black hole of permanent no-growth A permanent absence of growth would have baleful conseq...

FRSFreeStatePlus: I read blogs on the far right and center right or what's left of the center right in America, damn I miss the days. Of Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan and even to a certain extent Newt Gingrich, for this blog because I  want to know what they are thinking. I'm a Liberal Democrat and both of these factions are part of the opposition, even if the far right sees people who think like me as the enemy. I read these magazines and blogs to get info about them, to see what they are thinking and from time to time, you even read material. Thats intelligent and informative, I don't post their stuff because I agree with it, I generally don't and if you see. What I write about what they wrote, you would see that I don't generally and back in 2008 the far right in America saw Barack Obama as a Socialist. Some of them even believing that he was an illegal immigrant, despite even having a US birth certificate. And an American mother and the far right today still believes that or at least sees him as a Socialist because they tend to be knowledge phobic. And not will to see information that contradicts whatever they believe.

The latest conspiracy theory I've seen from the far right is that President Obama wanted an economic crisis so. He could come in with the big hands of the Federal Government to save the day and transform the American Liberal Capitalist economic system. To Socialist economic system and make us look like Europe and have an government that collects all of the money from the economy. And then dishes it back out to what believe Americans need to live and that President Obama wanted the economy to crash so much so. He could show Americans that American Capitalism doesn't work which is why we need to look more like Europe. And so we can have what's called social justice, when the facts are President Obama is similar to FDR in this sense. Not that he was looking to create some welfare state but to save American Capitalism, so we wouldn't have to nationalize the economy or to look more like Europe.