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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Right Coast: Donald Trump: Election Is 'Total Sham And A Travesty

Right Coast: Donald Trump: Election Is 'Total Sham And A Traves...: Huffington Post  2012 ,  Elections 2012 ,  Donald Trump ,  Elections 2012 ,  Barack Obama 2012  ,  Video , Donald Trump 2012 ,  Dona...

Donald Trump might not be the joke of 2012 but he's somewhere high on that list suggesting that President Obama. Winning Tuesday night was a "sham", if I had to guess because the President won and that somehow since. President Obama won we are no longer a Democracy, even with more people voting in 2012 then in 2008, more then half of them decided to vote against Mitt Romney or even vote for. President Obama, more young people voted, more African Americans voted, more Latin Americans voted and. Mitt Romney got creamed with all of these groups, thats why the Republican Party lost, this no longer 1954. We are not a European nation thats dominated by one racial or ethnic group and the GOP is going to have to. Figure that out quick and be able to communicate their message to non European Americans and get them. To vote Republican in the future, like perhaps by 2014, we may see the Caucasian vote shrink further in just two years. And the GOP is going to have to look elsewhere for votes.

The Donald also suggested that its time for some type of revolution in America, I would like to know what he. Means by that, hopefully not some type of revolution thats designed to prevent people from voting who normally don't vote Democratic but we will see. Some type of Right Wing backlash because of President Obama getting reelected and we'll have to wait and see what that is.