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Saturday, November 3, 2012

National Review: "Don't Mess with Rudy"

This is of course a very slanted video from National Review, with Mayor Rudy Giulani throwing out a. Lot of at best half truths as it relates to President Obama and Libya, without hearing General Wes Clark's response to them. But the Romney Campaign has been going in this direction in the last few days, because they know they are behind in the Electoral College, President Obama is poised. To win it with Governor Romney unable to take the lead in Ohio except for maybe in the Rasmussen Poll that leans Republican. And the Romney Campaign unable to pickoff a State that Democrats tend to win in at least lately, like Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for President. So they know what they have been doing in trying to convince Americans in these swing States that. Mitt Romney would make a better President is not working, so what they are doing now is trying. To scare Americans into voting for Mitt Romney, because whatever positive message they may have. About Mitt Romney is simply not selling in the swing States that they need to win.