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Friday, November 16, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Washington Times: Opinion: US Representative Ron Paul: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s Last Best Hope, How To Save the GOP

PAUL: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s last best hope - Washington Times

I've blogged this before but the Republican party didn't have a Reagan Conservative running for President in 2011-12. Not one single Reagan Conservative, I mean just look at their candidates, Mitt Romney a Northeastern Republican whose more moderate on social issues. At least if you look at his long term record, not the several Mitt Romney's we saw in 2012, I almost felt sorry for the guy who. Seemed the feel the need to keep changing himself to fit today's GOP, he is an economic Conservative and. I'll grant him that but social issues have never been a major priority of his, Rick Santorum the candidate. Of the Religious Right and other Neoconservatives more Statist on social issues but an economic Conservative. As well, Michelle Bachmann  the Tea Party Neoconservative, similar politically as Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich who I believe had an opportunity to be the Reagan Conservative before he went more Statist on social issues as well. When he thought he had a shot with the Tea Party, Herman Cain the entertainer of the bunch, Rick Perry had an. Opportunity but his campaign became a joke by November or December of 2011.

The GOP simply didn't have that Goldwater/Reagan Conservative who believes that Big Government is the. Problem and that Americans need the freedom to live their own lives, Ron Paul the Libertarian in the race. Except on foreign policy was the closest they had but Neoconservatives who want to take America back to the 1950s. Instead of waking up to the America that we are today and being able to adapt to that, would never let Ron Paul. Win the nomination because Representative Paul is actually serious when he says he's against Big Government and just doesn't say he's anti Big Government to win votes. And thats why Republicans lost in 2012, because instead of being a Conservative Republican party, they were. A Statist Authoritarian party that rather have a Northeastern Republican Moderate-Conservative at best as. Their Presidential nominee then a Texas Libertarian.

I don't see Ron Paul headed for retirement in Texas or Florida despite now being 77 years old as he leaves. Congress but someone who'll hopefully be a force not only in the Libertarian movement and Libertarian party or Republican party. And if he goes Republican, hopefully he'll bring Libertarians with him and they'll simply invade the Republican party. And take the GOP back to where they use to be, not try to transform America back to the 1950s something that the Tea Party wants to do but get the GOP. Back to Goldwater/Reagan Conservatism which will make it a party that can compete with Democrats in the. Future that can even compete and even match Democrats for Latino and Asian and perhaps even African American voters. Something the GOP is going to have to do to be relevant in the future.