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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Right Coast: A Changing America: Republicans Either Adapt or Get Pushed Aside

Right Coast: A changing America: Our blog founder wrote this , recently, only to be met with Obama voters crying that it's not fair or right to call them stupid. Of course t...

America has to have at least two strong parties for our political system to survive, doesn't mean we always should. Have divided government or always have a divided Congress like we now and when the next Congress starts in January. We'll have our third divided Congress since 2001, which means one party controlling the House or Senate and the other party controlling the other chamber. And it will be our fifth divided Congress since 1981, a healthy two party system doesn't mean we have to have this and be so divided. But we need two parties at least that are strong enough to govern and strong enough to be an effective opposition. When they are out of power, even don't even control a chamber of Congress, the position Republicans were in just a couple of years ago. And for this to happen, both parties have to be different not to the point where one looks Democratic and the other looks Authoritarian. A position we are sorta in now, if you look at where a lot of Republicans are on social issues but they can't be the same either.

What we have right now is a Democratic party a party that I'm proudly a member of thats very Liberal on social issues. We believe in a lot of social freedom right now, even to the point where we believe Americans can pretty much say whatever they want. Including hate speech, yes our far left, who tends to be more Socialist  believes hate speech shouldn't be constitutional but the mainstream of the DP. Believes in a lot of social freedom, pornography is constitutional under the first and fourth amendments. Homosexuality is constitutional under the fourth amendment as well, same sex marriage is constitutional under the Equal Protection Clause. The War on Drugs is a complete failure and that we should not only legalize marijuana but we should revaluate how we deal with harder narcotics. Liberal Democrats even believe that organize gambling should be legal as well, just look at Maryland on election day.

Then we have a Republican party thats constantly talking about the dangers of Big Government but who tend. To be more Statist on these key social issues and not just abortion, where Democrats also believe thats protected under the. Fourth amendment of the US Constitution but Neoconservative Republicans would like to see some things that are not only illegal today remain that way but outlaw some things. That are currently legal, remember Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann ran on the outlawing pornography and same sex marriage. Rick Santroum even suggested that organize gambling should be illegal as well.

For Republicans to succeed in the future, they can't just be like the Democratic party on social issues or they. Might as well all become Democrats but that can't be Statist on these issues as well, they need to able to make a case. That believing in social freedom is also Conservative take a Libertarian approach to some of these issues or at least get to the point. For some Republicans who aren't ready to go that far, I believe what I believe but I'm not going to try to force my beliefs on the rest of the country. Especially when I know the majority of the country, if not clear majority disagrees with me on these issues.