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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

C-SPAN: Mitt Romney's 2012 Concession Speech

Source: C-SPAN-
Source: C-SPAN: Mitt Romney's 2012 Concession Speech

Before I get into Mitt Romney's concession speech, I just want to mention the historic accomplishments of his presidential campaign. First Mormon to win the presidential nomination in the United States and I believe the first Mormon to win the nomination for Chief of State anywhere in the world. Don't quote me on that, but I'm pretty sure of that. The first Republican to appoint an Irish Catholic or a Catholic of any ethnic or racial background in American history as Vice President in Paul Ryan. The first Northeastern Republican to win the Republican presidential nomination since 1992 with President George H.W. Bush, these are huge accomplishments for a Republican, especially considering how Southern and Evangelical the Republican Party has become. So they've made progress as a party in 2012 on religious grounds and these are huge accomplishments that gives them some hope in the future to reach outside of the Bible Belt in America. Which is something they are absolutely going to have to do in order to remain a competitive national party. Forget about majority or ruling party, but competitive nationally.

As far as the election tonight and why Governor Romney gave a concession speech instead of a victory speech. If you read my blog on a regular basis you already know why I believed he lost. Instead of Mitt Romney giving Americans reasons to vote for him, tried to give them reasons to vote against President Obama. And instead of Governor Romney spending now six years letting Americans know who he is as a person and where he is politically, he gave us multiple positions on multiple issues on several issues. I don't mention this to be partisan, but there's a Tricky Dick line in Governor Romney's career, that Richard Nixon never lost and with Mitt Romney it's the Ted Kennedy line of Mitt Romney is not pro choice, but multiple choice. That Senator Kennedy stuck on him in 1994, that Mitt Romney never lost, who is this guy other than a successful businessman and family man with a beautiful family and what does he believe. I believe a lot of Americans including myself are still wondering that.

As far as Governor Romney's concession speech, I gotta give him as much credit as possible. He was someone who was expecting to win, even though I'm guessing some Republicans if you asked them off the record, after seeing some of the non-Republican polls in the last few days were feeling that a loss was very possible. Which is why the Romney Campaign made a last minute play for Pennsylvania. They knew they were in trouble in Ohio and the Governor did an excellent job of thanking his vice presidential nominee in Representative Paul Ryan, thanking his staff, volunteers and everyone who voted for him. The 50M plus Americans who wanted a change tonight, as well as congratulating President Obama. And telling the country that the election is over and they need two work together to address the problems of the country.

In a future blog I'll summarize exactly why Mitt Romney lost tonight and will risk sounding partisan. But tonight the Governor came through and showed the country that the country is more important than one man and one man winning one office. And I wanted to give him as much credit for that as possible.