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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Commentary: Seth Mandel: What Mitt Romney Calls “Gifts,” Voters Call Solutions: The GOP's Ignorance of Socialism

What Romney Calls “Gifts,” Voters Call Solutions: pThe Obama reelection campaign’s impressive turnout and get-out-the-vote strategy took the president’s Republican opponents by surprise. But it appears to also be teaching Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan an incomplete, if not totally wrong, lesson about their loss to President Obama. Earlier this week, Ryan told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that “urban” turnout was key [...]/p

I'm old enough but barely to remember a time when Republicans who don't like or disagree with Democrats. Would call them Liberals and even use the term Liberal as an insult, he or she must be a bad person since they are Liberal. And would equate Liberalism with Communism, they aren't with is because they are Liberal and must be with Communists and so fourth. Well as a Liberal myself, I equate that word with being a Patriot, its something I'm proud to be and is how I describe my politics. Rather then viewing the word as an insult like being called a Traitor or something and you are welcome to call me a Liberal. All I ask is that you know what your talking about when you talk about Liberals and Liberalism and what it. Means to be a Liberal which in a lot of cases especially from right wingers, they tend to not know what they. Are talking about when it comes to Liberals and have a tendency to equate Social Democrats or even Socialists with Liberals. Which is inaccurate because Liberals are a different political breed.

This all changed in 2008 when I believe right wingers figured out that not only a Democrat was the favorite. To win the White House but an African American was going to get elected  President at that and this scared the hell out of a lot on the far right who were simply not ready for that. And concluded that we can't beat Barack Obama when it comes to politics, philosophy and personality especially. Considering who have been President the previous eight years and how unpopular President Bush was so. The way to beat Barack Obama, was to scare the hell out of a lot of Independents and people on the far right. Who weren't excited about voting in 2008, so they had to go further and considering how much President Bush. Had damaged Conservatism and the Republican party, that they needed a new term to get Americans attention about Barack Obama.

This new new term became Socialist and the far right went out of their way to label then Senator Obama a Socialist. Trying to equate anyone who believes that government can play a role in making and improving the country. And the lives of people as a Socialist, Mitt Romney used a similar approach in the last week of his Presidential campaign. Claiming that President Obama believes the way to win  votes is by promising people things from government like a Socialist. And that President Obama won the election by promising people things and telling them what government did for them like a Socialist. In didn't work in 2008 and didn't work in 2012 either.