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Monday, November 5, 2012

Commentary: Seth Mandel: Is Paul Ryan the Leader of the Conservative Movement?

Is Paul Ryan the Leader of the Conservative Movement?: pWhen the Republican Party took back control of the House in 1994, a confluence of events combined to make it even more of a watershed moment than it would otherwise have been. The fact that the GOP had been out of power in Congress for four decades gave it an “underdog” storyline. Newt Gingrich, who [...]/p

Assuming Mitt Romney loses tomorrow night and it hasn't happen yet, the Republican Party is going to have figure. Out where do they go from there, facing four more years of a Democratic President and at least two more years of a Democratic Senate. Even if House Republicans hold the majority and a Democratic President who was reelected and if the economy takes off, which looks like it might. In 2013 and the President avoids any serious scandals that can hurt his Presidency and popularity, perhaps Popular reelected President who doesn't have to worry about reelection and will have the freedom to be more. Bold in the next two years, which is something Democrats were hoping for in the beginning. So a reelected President Obama would have the authority to push an agenda that Republicans will of course disagree. With that could have at least some popular elements in it and Republicans will have to figure out how to counter. President Obama under these circumstances.

Me as a Democrat and as an American would like to see the Republican Party get back to where they use to be. A Fiscally and Economically Conservative Party, as well as a Socially Moderate-Tolerant Party, Classical Conservative even. Bring in the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson voters and be real Conservative Party across the board which they aren't right now, today they are an. Economically Conservative Party, thats more Statist, something they tend to accuse Democrats of being on. Social Issues and aren't even very Fiscally Conservative, considering they believe that 1/6 of the. Federal Budget, thats in one department, which is defense,  should be off the table in Deficit Reduction. And maybe Paul Ryan is that guy but I have my doubts.