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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Commentary: Governor Bobby Jindal: "The Republican Party Is a Wreck"

Jindal: The Republican Party Is a Wreck: pThanks to reports about the Romney campaign’s internal polling problems, disastrous get-out-the-vote schemes, and some of the inevitable internecine finger pointing that follows the loss of a presidential election, the dust hasn’t yet settled on the Romney campaign’s post-mortems. But as the soul searching begins to shift to judging the GOP on the whole, Bobby [...]/p

If you look long and hard enough even in todays hyper partisan environment, you can find a few Republicans. And some far left Democrats who actually not only know the truth but can speak the truth about their own side of the isle. The GOP is a wreck right now and yeah you might say well they still hold the House of Representatives and have enough Senators to block legislation. And have thirty Governorships and control twenty three State Legislatures on their own and fine thats all true but the. Reason why they didn't do much better then that in an election that should've played very well for them to run. The table, win back the Presidency and Senate going away, remember they only needed a 3-4 seat pickup. In the Senate depending on who won the Presidency to take back the Senate with 23-33 seats up for reelection being Democratic. And what did they do, did they pickup 2-3, no they went backwards they dropped two instead and the only states that Mitt Romney won back. Were Republican states.

You can also argue that the reason why Mitt Romney, House and Senate Republicans didn't do very well in 2012. Actually lost in a lot of cases, was because their voter turnout operation wasn't very good, they didn't have the resources. And troops on the ground to make it work, thats all true but unless you have a message that can communicate to people. Who don't normally vote for you but are looking for another party to vote for, instead of the Democratic party or nothing. Instead of scaring these people and making them seem Un American or something, you are going to lose these voters overwhelmingly as well. Which is what happened to the GOP in 2012 as well.