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Friday, November 23, 2012

Bernie Sanders: 'Ronald Reagan Was Right'- Bernie Sanders on Social Security

Source: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders - Socialist Republic of Vermont -
Source: Bernie Sanders: Ronald Reagan Was Right

Senator Sanders and President Reagan perhaps agreeing on something for the only time in their lives. That Social Security is not the cause of our debt and deficits. Well, not really, because within 20-25 years if nothing is done to reform the program we're going to see more people collecting from Social Security than collecting from it. Not sure what generation that Senator Sanders considers himself being a member of being born in late 1941, but having to deal with all of the cultural issues that every other Baby Boomer from the 1960s dealt with as young adults, but the Baby Boomers and perhaps Bernie considers himself to be a member of, are going to eat away at the Social Security program. Even Senator Sanders has suggested reforms to it. Like lifting the cap on the amount of income that could be taxed to fund Social Security. It is not just fiscal Conservatives who see issues with Social Security that should be addressed. Center-Left Democrats, such as myself and others who are in Congress, as well as even Democratic Socialists like Bernie Sanders, who believe changes to the program need to be made. To make the program as strong as it needs to be.