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Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AustinPeterson: RT: Libertarianism Vs. Socialism: A Real Debate

This is a real debate to have, instead of debating Socialism vs Capitalism, which is not a real debate. Because one is a political philosophy and one is an economic system with many versions, including a Socialist model. Thats common in Europe, including in Sweden and Greece two of the most Socialist Democracies in the World. Having a debate between Socialism vs Capitalism, is like having a debate between Capitalism vs Liberalism or Conservatism or Libertarianism or Communism. But having a debate between Socialism and Libertarianism is a real philosophical debate because its. A debate between two real political philosophies, rather then a debate between an economic system and a political philosophy. A debate between basically having much more government then would be common in a Liberal Democracy like America. Or having a lot less government thats common in a Liberal Democracy.