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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Arcturus Reagan Designee: William Mcllhany Interviewing Christopher Story-: Communist Long Range Takeover Deception Strategy

William Mcllhany Interviewing Christopher Story- 
Source: Arcturus Reagan Designee: William Mcllhany Interviewing Christopher Story: Communist Long Range Takeover Deception Strategy

This is a conspiracy theory if I've ever heard one. The idea that the United States and the brand new Federal Republic of Russia would set out to rule the world together, instead of America and Russia being enemies and trying to rule the world by themselves, is nonsense. (To be generous) First of all, America is not an occupying power. We've never set out to occupy other nations and force them to live like us. (Except for perhaps Iraq) when we defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II, we were only there until they were able to govern themselves again, after we destroyed the government's there. And as messy as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been, we are leaving both of those countries by 2014 and turning over complete control to the people in both countries to govern. And as far as Russia, the Soviets left that country in a complete mess economically and militarily. One of the reasons why Russia lost so many of their republics, the Baltic's and Caucus's, as well as Ukraine and they were in no position by the time Boris Yeltzin became President of the Federal Republic to occupy anyone.

Russia twenty years later even though they are no way complete in being a democracy, liberal or socialist and still has a lot of things they need to work on, politically and economically, are much better off than they have ever been. The Russian people are better off economically and have more freedom social and economically than they've ever had under the Putin Administration. But are in no position to be occupying anyone, even though they are on course to becoming an economic and military world power again, but this is no longer Soviet Russia. The John Birch Society and other right-wing Nationalists, really should be in Hollywood and New York producing and writing fiction. Even though culturally they wouldn't fit in well in either community. Seeing minorities as invaders and wondering why women are free and not slaves for their men. (Ha, ha) They've never been taken seriously a mainstream media and documentary organization, because they produce so many far put theories that you almost have to be a mental patient to be qualified to take them seriously.