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Friday, November 30, 2012

US Senator Rand Paul: Sen. Rand Paul Floor Speech in Defense of The Sixth Amendment

This is what a real Conservative and someone whose really against Big Government sounds like. Speaking up in defense of the US Constitution and speaking out against indefinite detention and that. Government in the United States doesn't have the Constitutional authority to hold people, especially Americans. Without a hearing or trial or access to a lawyer.

National Journal: Ben Terris & Peter Bell: Insiders: Fiscal Cliff Likely To Be Averted

Insiders: Fiscal Cliff Likely To Be Averted -

Both sides have too much to lose to not get a deal done

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WCW: Ric Flair vs Terry Funk

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Post

One of the things that I always respected about The Nature Boy Ric Flair the pro wrestler is that he always took on the best. At least the best that was available to take on at the time. One of his famous lines was that "to be the man, you have to beat the man". And then you would say something like "and pal you aint it". But the first part was dead on and that is how he approached pro wrestling whether he was a contender the the World Champion. The only thing he was interested in was being the best in the pro wrestling business.

Terry Funk is the perfect example of Ric Flair's style as a pro wrestler as far as who he took on. Because when Funk was wrestling full-time in America and his head was right, he was one of the best to the point he was NWA World Heavyweight Champion at one point. He might of even beaten Ric Flair for his title. And they had a great rivalry in the 1980s. Funk was essentially a great street fighter who was big and strong and took incredible risks physically as a pro wrestler that his body paid a heavy price for and still pays that price, but he was also a great pro wrestler.

National Journal: Reid Wilson: Senate Democrats Face Another Daunting Numbers Game

Senate Democrats Face Another Daunting Numbers Game -

Senate Democrats are already well aware of this which is why Leader Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, the Chief Political Strategist. For Senate Democrats are already talking to their incumbents who are up in 2014, to prevent as many of them as possible to run for reelection.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Washington Times: Congress: GOP Senators Propose New Version of The Dream Act

Senators in GOP propose immigration reform - Washington Times

Looks like Senate Republicans are already learning the lessons of why Republicans lost in 2012

National Journal: Josh Kraushaar: 2014 Senate Picture Promising For GOP, With Right Candidates

2014 Senate Picture Promising For GOP, With Right Candidates -

Its only promising for Senate Republicans if the GOP adults are in charge of this process and the far right is. Pushed aside and the Senate Republicans recruit people who can actually win statewide, rather then people that Neoconservatives want.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AustinPeterson: RT: Libertarianism Vs. Socialism: A Real Debate

This is a real debate to have, instead of debating Socialism vs Capitalism, which is not a real debate. Because one is a political philosophy and one is an economic system with many versions, including a Socialist model. Thats common in Europe, including in Sweden and Greece two of the most Socialist Democracies in the World. Having a debate between Socialism vs Capitalism, is like having a debate between Capitalism vs Liberalism or Conservatism or Libertarianism or Communism. But having a debate between Socialism and Libertarianism is a real philosophical debate because its. A debate between two real political philosophies, rather then a debate between an economic system and a political philosophy. A debate between basically having much more government then would be common in a Liberal Democracy like America. Or having a lot less government thats common in a Liberal Democracy.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guy John: Frank Chodorov on Political Change in 1953- The GOP Response to FDR Progressivism

From Guy John- Frank Chodorov in 1953-
Source: Guy John: Frank Chodorov on Political Change in 1953

By the time the Republican Party finally came back to power in 1953, they made the political calculation and perhaps a policy calculation that the FDR New Deal was here to stay, both politically and perhaps on policy grounds. That it wouldn't be smart to try to turn it back and that they should make the best out of it, not destroy it or expand. But make the best of it as they possibly can and by the time Richard Nixon came to power in 1969, the Nixon Administration decided that especially with a heavy Democratic Congress, full of FDR/LBJ Progressive Democrats, that they had no shot of rolling back the FDR New Deal and LBJ Great Society. And they decided to take a Conservative- Federalist approach to the safety net in America and try to give the states and locals as much authority as possible to deal with the issues they face when it comes to social welfare policy and gave them more power to try to run these programs. Rather than taking a Conservative-Libertarian approach that government has no role here.

The Eisenhower-Nixon Federalist approach to social welfare policy in America, was not good enough for the Frank Chodorov/Barry Goldwater Conservative-Libertarians in the Republican Party. They believe they came to power in the 1950s to roll back FDR/Harry Truman progressivism. Which is why the John Birch Society and others on the Far-Right and Libertarian-Right, implied that Dwight Eisenhower who fought communism and fascism as a U.S. Army general in World War I and World War II, was a closeted Socialist if not Communist. Even though he was a staunch cold warrior and , anti-Communist, pro-capitalist and pro-American liberal democracy. Ideology, but not politically Dwight Eisenhower was a Liberal Democrat. And what I mean by that is that he believed in liberal; democracy and was anti-communism. And yet the John Birchers and others on the Far-Right, saw President Eisenhower as soft on communism. And one of those reasons was because he believed in a public safety net for people who needed it. But opposed a welfare state that would try to manage people's lives for them. Which is more common in Scandinavia.

I believe a big reason for the creation of the Libertarian Party in the early 1970s, has to do with do very important men and Republicans in the 1950s and 1970s. These two men being Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. Classical Conservatives and Libertarians, believed the two main reasons for the Republican Party, was to defeat communism and roll back the FDR New Deal and LBJ Great Society. Which is why they loved Barry Goldwater in 1964 and there after and how Ronald Reagan becomes a big star on the Republican-Right in the 1960s. Because he hated socialism and communism and ran on returning power back to the American people. Which meant to him ending the New Deal and Great Society. Which is a goal he abandoned when he became President in 1981, but he always remained an anti-Communist and anti-Socialist. Frank Chodorov in 1953 represented what the so-called Old Right was thinking back then. That the Eisenhower Administration and Republican Congress then, shouldn't modify the safety net, but instead outlaw it. 

EuroNews: Israel Likud Party Leadership Primary Hampered by Technical Problems

I guess you can get further to the right then the Likud party in Israel

Saturday, November 24, 2012

EuroNews: Walmart Workers in Pay Protest on 'Black Friday'

Looks like Social Democrats attempt to fight back against Consumerism and perhaps American Capitalism in general. By trying to get Americans to boycott Black Friday, has failed.

Friday, November 23, 2012

EuroNews: Cairo in Uproar Over President Mohamad Morsi's Plan to Rule by Decree

Another words rule by executive order, well at least this will the give the Parliament more incentive. To form and organize so they can represent a check on President Morsi's power.

Bernie Sanders: "Ronald Reagan Was Right": Bernie Sanders on Social Security

Democratic Socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Socialist Republic of Vermont
Senator Sanders and President Reagan perhaps agreeing on something for the only time in their lives. That Social Security is not the cause of our debt and deficits. Well, not really, because within 20-25 years if nothing is done to reform the program we're going to see more people collecting from Social Security than collecting from it. Not sure what generation that Senator Sanders considers himself being a member of being born in late 1941, but having to deal with all of the cultural issues that every other Baby Boomer from the 1960s dealt with as young adults, but the Baby Boomers and perhaps Bernie considers himself to be a member of, are going to eat away at the Social Security program. Even Senator Sanders has suggested reforms to it. Like lifting the cap on the amount of income that could be taxed to fund Social Security. It is not just fiscal Conservatives who see issues with Social Security that should be addressed. Center-Left Democrats, such as myself and others who are in Congress, as well as even Democratic Socialists like Bernie Sanders, who believe changes to the program need to be made. To make the program as strong as it needs to be.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bandit Boy: Sophia Loren- Boy On a Dolphin 1957

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post

Sophia baby, as gorgeous, sexy and adorable as ever. This scene in Boy On a Dolphin, reminds me of the opening scene in Lady in Cement with Frank Sinatra that came out in 1968. Tony Rome (played by Frank) is on his boat just off the Florida coast in Miami and jumps in the water to go scuba diving and sees a young blonde woman who is lifeless with her eyes opening at the bottom of the ocean. Actually the only thing that that scene from Lady in Cement and this scene with Sophia Loren, have in common is that you have a young hot sexy women, wearing almost nothing and jumping in the water. Unlike Lady in Cement which is a very good and funny movie and it also features Raquel Welch, (worth the price of admission) Boy on a Dolphin minus Sophia doesn't look like a very good movie. "A sponge diver on a sunken ship filled with artifacts, including a priceless ancient gold statue of a boy on a dolphin." You can see how the movie got it's name and sure who doesn't want to watch Sophia Loren in a bikini in the water. (Well what straight man anyway) But that movie has been made before. And I think Sophia would be the only reason to see this movie.
Bandit Boy: Sophia Loren- Boy On a Dolphin 1957

EuroNews: "Gazans Celebrate Victory Over Israel"

More like a victory over Hamas

Monday, November 19, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: RedState: Morton C. Blackwell: An Open Letter to Conservatives: The Fall of Religious Conservatism

An open letter to conservatives | RedState

Back in 1964 after Senator Barry Goldwater the GOP Presidential nominee lost in a landslide to President Johnson. Not even getting 40% of the popular vote and only winning six states in a two man race, if you want to call it that. Even though I believe Senator Goldwater would be one of the first people to tell you that he wasn't going to win. And was sorta a reluctant candidate for President to begin with but thats not what his Presidential campaign was about. Which is what I'm about to get to but after the Goldwater defeat, the media of course were predicting the death of Conservative Republicanism and perhaps Conservatism. All together after President Johnson a somewhat Liberal Democrat who pushed for civil rights and so fourth. Had not only won reelection in a landslide but Congressional Democrats won huge majorities in both the House and Senate. Actually added to those majorities and of course Congressional Republicans bounced back in 1966, not winning back Congress. But giving them strong enough minorities in Congress to be a force again and of course Dick Nixon elected President in 1968.

I read a column from the right wing magazine RedState arguing that Conservatism was pronounced dead in 1964 and it bounced back. The so called glorious death of a Presidential campaign that sparked a Conservative movement that saw. A Conservative Republican win the Presidency in 1980 to go along with a Republican Senate, the first time in over a generation. There are some problems with this argument, one it wasn't that Conservatism died or took a big hit in 2012 its religious Conservatism. Or Fundamentalism that did, the Conservative values of economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, strong defense protecting society from. Criminals and terrorists and all that, are still strong but what has taken a big hit and I don't believe will come. Back at least as a governing faction in America, is Statism whether it comes from the right or left and in 2012 it came from the right.

The demographics simply don't favor today's GOP the so called traditional values or America coalition is not. Only dying off but not being replaced and what we saw in 2012 with their candidates being defeated the way they did. Like in Indiana and Missouri, Virginia even with George Allen, even though he's more Moderate but he comes from that faction of the party. And what we saw from candidates like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann, where Republicans who love these candidates but not willing. To put enough support behind him where they could actually win, because Republicans believed they had. No shot at defeating President Obama, is this feeling even with some Republicans that these type of candidates. Are so far out of the mainstream now, that if we support them they'll lose overwhelmingly.

What Republicans need to do going forward is not try to expand the religious right base or try to get them. To work harder for them because they've gotten everything out of this box that they can but what they need. To do is expand the GOP with new voters who don't traditionally vote Republican and go after these voters. That will represent the majority of the electorate politically in the future, that like the Republican message of economic and religious freedom and fiscal responsibility.

National Journal: Steven Shepard: Gallup Blew Its Presidential Polls, but Why?

Gallup Blew Its Presidential Polls, but Why? -

A little over a month ago after Mitt Romney won the first Presidential debate, the Gallup poll released a poll. That had Mitt Romney with a six point lead, even though most of the other polls had the election as a dead heat. A few points either way, right after Gallup released that poll Democratic strategist Bob Beckel said if the Gallup poll is correct. Then this election is over and Mitt Romney will win the election, thats how much serious Democrats and Republicans have trusted Gallup over the years and relied on it. I wonder if that level of trust for Gallup on both sides will remain in the future.

Right Coast: "We’re Heading for Economic Dictatorship": What The Far Right Still Doesn't Get About Barack Obama

Right Coast: We’re heading for economic dictatorship: The whole of the West is falling into the economic black hole of permanent no-growth A permanent absence of growth would have baleful conseq...

FRSFreeStatePlus: I read blogs on the far right and center right or what's left of the center right in America, damn I miss the days. Of Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan and even to a certain extent Newt Gingrich, for this blog because I  want to know what they are thinking. I'm a Liberal Democrat and both of these factions are part of the opposition, even if the far right sees people who think like me as the enemy. I read these magazines and blogs to get info about them, to see what they are thinking and from time to time, you even read material. Thats intelligent and informative, I don't post their stuff because I agree with it, I generally don't and if you see. What I write about what they wrote, you would see that I don't generally and back in 2008 the far right in America saw Barack Obama as a Socialist. Some of them even believing that he was an illegal immigrant, despite even having a US birth certificate. And an American mother and the far right today still believes that or at least sees him as a Socialist because they tend to be knowledge phobic. And not will to see information that contradicts whatever they believe.

The latest conspiracy theory I've seen from the far right is that President Obama wanted an economic crisis so. He could come in with the big hands of the Federal Government to save the day and transform the American Liberal Capitalist economic system. To Socialist economic system and make us look like Europe and have an government that collects all of the money from the economy. And then dishes it back out to what believe Americans need to live and that President Obama wanted the economy to crash so much so. He could show Americans that American Capitalism doesn't work which is why we need to look more like Europe. And so we can have what's called social justice, when the facts are President Obama is similar to FDR in this sense. Not that he was looking to create some welfare state but to save American Capitalism, so we wouldn't have to nationalize the economy or to look more like Europe.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

EuroNews: Sarkozy's French UMP Party to Vote for a New Leader

The French Conservative opposition looking for a new course

Washington Times: Robert Knight: Casting Blame at Religious Conservatives For Mitt Romney's Defeat

KNIGHT: Casting blame at conservatives for Romney's defeat - Washington Times

I wrote a blog on Friday arguing for the direction that the Republican party should be heading in and made the. Case for the Ron Paul Libertarian wing be the course that they go in, not saying that Republicans have to agree with Representative Paul. On everything, especially as it relates to foreign policy, not good to have an isolationist Republican or Democratic party right now. But the overall broader message of the GOP should be the same going forward, that individual freedom is the answer and Big Government is the. Problem that its not just good enough for the GOP to be an economic freedom party but they also need to be. A social freedom party as well and that religious Conservatives who don't believe in social freedom, unless you are living your life. The way they want you to, is way out of the mainstream of where America is heading, especially as we become younger, more minority and more Liberal-Libertarian as a country. And the GOP being tied to the religious right in America, is what's holding them back right now.

Traditional values voters if you want to call them that, have this idea that America is either still in the 1950s or. That was the grand time of the United States and since the 1960s America has been going downhill ever since. And have become too tolerant and too conclusive and people who don't view America as this shining city on the hill, as Ronal Reagan put it. Thats open to people all across the World that are only interested in working hard, making a positive difference and making a good life for themselves. Have been shut out by Liberals and the media and seen as a bunch of ignorant rednecks or something, they are. Actually right about this but its not just Liberals and mainstream media that sees the religious right this way. But a solid majority of the country where most of the country lives and is politically, views the religious right this way. And for the GOP to become a majority party, they have to break away from this faction.

Washington Times: Tim Devaney: Senate Fiance Committee Economist Calls For 'Super Duper Committee'

Senate economist calls for 'Super Duper Committee' - Washington Times

This is complete nonsense and I could use a stronger word then that but I'll spare you, the so called super committee. From 2011 was set up to fail because it was mostly made up of members of Congress from both parties, House and Senate. That were never going to agree to a comprehensive approach to solving the debt and deficit issues, because these were some of the most partisan members of Congress. Who were in the Democratic and Republicans leaderships in both the House and Senate and were there to do nothing more. Then to protect the views of their caucus's, not there to negotiate a deal and if the same thing were to happen now. Even a so called too big to fail provision, that if they don't come up with an agreement, the United States would default or something. Or the Federal Government would literally shut down, even Social Security and Medicare, guess what, thats exactly what will happen. Because Speaker Boehner. Leader Reid, Minority Leader Pelosi and Minority Leader McConnell would only appoint members who would be there to make sure a comprehensive deal is not reached.

What President Obama and Speaker Boehner need to do is reach an agreement that includes budget cuts and savings. For entitlements in exchange for a millionaires tax, where ever dollar made over a million would be taxed higher then today. The deal like this would avoid the fiscal cliff and both Democrats and Republicans would also get an agreement to work on some new economic growth package. That the House and Senate committees that handle this would be instructed to work on as soon as the new. Congress convenes in January, that would include tax reform, new tax cuts that Republicans like and new infrastructure investment. That Democrats like so both sides could avoid the fiscal cliff and get credit for passing a bill that can jump start the economy as well. Thats how we would avoid going over the cliff.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

EuroNews: Protests Across Europe Against Austerity

European Socialists are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore and refuse to take budget cuts. And cuts in social insurance and expect to have to take care of themselves, just one of the differences between Europe and America. If Progressives in the United States try to put a rally together like this, they would be lucky to get a few hundred people there. A great rally for them would be like a thousand people in downtown Washington, because Americans tend not to like. Big Government in either the Democratic and Republican parties, at least economically and we don't. Tend to like high taxes either, you would be more likely to see a rally against higher taxes in America. With thousands of people all over the country attending, then to see rallies against budget cuts. Some of the differences between a Liberal Democracy like in America, then a Social Democracy which is common in Europe.

Arcturus Reagan Designee: William Mcllhany Interviewing Christopher Story-: Communist Long Range Takeover Deception Strategy

William Mcllhany Interviewing Christopher Story- 
Source: Arcturus Reagan Designee: William Mcllhany Interviewing Christopher Story: Communist Long Range Takeover Deception Strategy

This is a conspiracy theory if I've ever heard one. The idea that the United States and the brand new Federal Republic of Russia would set out to rule the world together, instead of America and Russia being enemies and trying to rule the world by themselves, is nonsense. (To be generous) First of all, America is not an occupying power. We've never set out to occupy other nations and force them to live like us. (Except for perhaps Iraq) when we defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II, we were only there until they were able to govern themselves again, after we destroyed the government's there. And as messy as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been, we are leaving both of those countries by 2014 and turning over complete control to the people in both countries to govern. And as far as Russia, the Soviets left that country in a complete mess economically and militarily. One of the reasons why Russia lost so many of their republics, the Baltic's and Caucus's, as well as Ukraine and they were in no position by the time Boris Yeltzin became President of the Federal Republic to occupy anyone.

Russia twenty years later even though they are no way complete in being a democracy, liberal or socialist and still has a lot of things they need to work on, politically and economically, are much better off than they have ever been. The Russian people are better off economically and have more freedom social and economically than they've ever had under the Putin Administration. But are in no position to be occupying anyone, even though they are on course to becoming an economic and military world power again, but this is no longer Soviet Russia. The John Birch Society and other right-wing Nationalists, really should be in Hollywood and New York producing and writing fiction. Even though culturally they wouldn't fit in well in either community. Seeing minorities as invaders and wondering why women are free and not slaves for their men. (Ha, ha) They've never been taken seriously a mainstream media and documentary organization, because they produce so many far put theories that you almost have to be a mental patient to be qualified to take them seriously. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Washington Times: Opinion: US Representative Ron Paul: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s Last Best Hope, How To Save the GOP

PAUL: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s last best hope - Washington Times

I've blogged this before but the Republican party didn't have a Reagan Conservative running for President in 2011-12. Not one single Reagan Conservative, I mean just look at their candidates, Mitt Romney a Northeastern Republican whose more moderate on social issues. At least if you look at his long term record, not the several Mitt Romney's we saw in 2012, I almost felt sorry for the guy who. Seemed the feel the need to keep changing himself to fit today's GOP, he is an economic Conservative and. I'll grant him that but social issues have never been a major priority of his, Rick Santorum the candidate. Of the Religious Right and other Neoconservatives more Statist on social issues but an economic Conservative. As well, Michelle Bachmann  the Tea Party Neoconservative, similar politically as Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich who I believe had an opportunity to be the Reagan Conservative before he went more Statist on social issues as well. When he thought he had a shot with the Tea Party, Herman Cain the entertainer of the bunch, Rick Perry had an. Opportunity but his campaign became a joke by November or December of 2011.

The GOP simply didn't have that Goldwater/Reagan Conservative who believes that Big Government is the. Problem and that Americans need the freedom to live their own lives, Ron Paul the Libertarian in the race. Except on foreign policy was the closest they had but Neoconservatives who want to take America back to the 1950s. Instead of waking up to the America that we are today and being able to adapt to that, would never let Ron Paul. Win the nomination because Representative Paul is actually serious when he says he's against Big Government and just doesn't say he's anti Big Government to win votes. And thats why Republicans lost in 2012, because instead of being a Conservative Republican party, they were. A Statist Authoritarian party that rather have a Northeastern Republican Moderate-Conservative at best as. Their Presidential nominee then a Texas Libertarian.

I don't see Ron Paul headed for retirement in Texas or Florida despite now being 77 years old as he leaves. Congress but someone who'll hopefully be a force not only in the Libertarian movement and Libertarian party or Republican party. And if he goes Republican, hopefully he'll bring Libertarians with him and they'll simply invade the Republican party. And take the GOP back to where they use to be, not try to transform America back to the 1950s something that the Tea Party wants to do but get the GOP. Back to Goldwater/Reagan Conservatism which will make it a party that can compete with Democrats in the. Future that can even compete and even match Democrats for Latino and Asian and perhaps even African American voters. Something the GOP is going to have to do to be relevant in the future.

Human Events: US Representative Tom McClintock: Sequestration is The Only Way to Cut Spending

Tom McClintock: Sequestration is the only way to cut spending - Conservative News

The problem with sequestration is that it has across the board spending cuts and tax hikes, that would be bad. For the economy, especially the tax hikes for someone making 40-50K$ a year who see 100-200H$ taken out of their paychecks each week. Which would be horrible for the economy.

National Journal: John Aloyieus Ferrell: The Case for Kicking the Pain Down the Road

The Case for Kicking the Pain Down the Road -

The only gain would be to avoid making tough political decisions but that would be a small gain compared with the price that would be paid.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Commentary: Seth Mandel: What Mitt Romney Calls “Gifts,” Voters Call Solutions: The GOP's Ignorance of Socialism

What Romney Calls “Gifts,” Voters Call Solutions: pThe Obama reelection campaign’s impressive turnout and get-out-the-vote strategy took the president’s Republican opponents by surprise. But it appears to also be teaching Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan an incomplete, if not totally wrong, lesson about their loss to President Obama. Earlier this week, Ryan told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that “urban” turnout was key [...]/p

I'm old enough but barely to remember a time when Republicans who don't like or disagree with Democrats. Would call them Liberals and even use the term Liberal as an insult, he or she must be a bad person since they are Liberal. And would equate Liberalism with Communism, they aren't with is because they are Liberal and must be with Communists and so fourth. Well as a Liberal myself, I equate that word with being a Patriot, its something I'm proud to be and is how I describe my politics. Rather then viewing the word as an insult like being called a Traitor or something and you are welcome to call me a Liberal. All I ask is that you know what your talking about when you talk about Liberals and Liberalism and what it. Means to be a Liberal which in a lot of cases especially from right wingers, they tend to not know what they. Are talking about when it comes to Liberals and have a tendency to equate Social Democrats or even Socialists with Liberals. Which is inaccurate because Liberals are a different political breed.

This all changed in 2008 when I believe right wingers figured out that not only a Democrat was the favorite. To win the White House but an African American was going to get elected  President at that and this scared the hell out of a lot on the far right who were simply not ready for that. And concluded that we can't beat Barack Obama when it comes to politics, philosophy and personality especially. Considering who have been President the previous eight years and how unpopular President Bush was so. The way to beat Barack Obama, was to scare the hell out of a lot of Independents and people on the far right. Who weren't excited about voting in 2008, so they had to go further and considering how much President Bush. Had damaged Conservatism and the Republican party, that they needed a new term to get Americans attention about Barack Obama.

This new new term became Socialist and the far right went out of their way to label then Senator Obama a Socialist. Trying to equate anyone who believes that government can play a role in making and improving the country. And the lives of people as a Socialist, Mitt Romney used a similar approach in the last week of his Presidential campaign. Claiming that President Obama believes the way to win  votes is by promising people things from government like a Socialist. And that President Obama won the election by promising people things and telling them what government did for them like a Socialist. In didn't work in 2008 and didn't work in 2012 either.

Washington Times: Opinion: CLEGG AND THOMPSON: "Overturn Unconstitutional Voting Rights Act"

CLEGG AND THOMPSON: Overturn unconstitutional Voting Rights Act - Washington Times

Here's the ticket for Republicans to get back into power and keep their small majority in the House, repeal the. 1965 Voting Rights Act that prevents states from discriminating against anyone based on their race. Never going to happen and an example of the lack of intellectual depth in the GOP right now.

National Journal: George E. Condon: No Honeymoon Period Ahead for President Obama

No Honeymoon Period Ahead for Obama -

Back to work for President Obama

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Human Events: John Gizzi: Voter ID Laws Energized Liberal Base in Pennsylvania

Voter ID laws energized liberal base in Pennsylvania - Conservative News

Voter ID backfired for the GOP in other swing states, Florida being a perfect example of that and perhaps Ohio as well.

National Journal: Republican Future Lies With Governors

Republican Future Lies With Governors -

State Government is really the only place Republicans are doing well right now

FRSFreeStatePlus: Right Coast: A Changing America: Republicans Either Adapt or Get Pushed Aside

Right Coast: A changing America: Our blog founder wrote this , recently, only to be met with Obama voters crying that it's not fair or right to call them stupid. Of course t...

America has to have at least two strong parties for our political system to survive, doesn't mean we always should. Have divided government or always have a divided Congress like we now and when the next Congress starts in January. We'll have our third divided Congress since 2001, which means one party controlling the House or Senate and the other party controlling the other chamber. And it will be our fifth divided Congress since 1981, a healthy two party system doesn't mean we have to have this and be so divided. But we need two parties at least that are strong enough to govern and strong enough to be an effective opposition. When they are out of power, even don't even control a chamber of Congress, the position Republicans were in just a couple of years ago. And for this to happen, both parties have to be different not to the point where one looks Democratic and the other looks Authoritarian. A position we are sorta in now, if you look at where a lot of Republicans are on social issues but they can't be the same either.

What we have right now is a Democratic party a party that I'm proudly a member of thats very Liberal on social issues. We believe in a lot of social freedom right now, even to the point where we believe Americans can pretty much say whatever they want. Including hate speech, yes our far left, who tends to be more Socialist  believes hate speech shouldn't be constitutional but the mainstream of the DP. Believes in a lot of social freedom, pornography is constitutional under the first and fourth amendments. Homosexuality is constitutional under the fourth amendment as well, same sex marriage is constitutional under the Equal Protection Clause. The War on Drugs is a complete failure and that we should not only legalize marijuana but we should revaluate how we deal with harder narcotics. Liberal Democrats even believe that organize gambling should be legal as well, just look at Maryland on election day.

Then we have a Republican party thats constantly talking about the dangers of Big Government but who tend. To be more Statist on these key social issues and not just abortion, where Democrats also believe thats protected under the. Fourth amendment of the US Constitution but Neoconservative Republicans would like to see some things that are not only illegal today remain that way but outlaw some things. That are currently legal, remember Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann ran on the outlawing pornography and same sex marriage. Rick Santroum even suggested that organize gambling should be illegal as well.

For Republicans to succeed in the future, they can't just be like the Democratic party on social issues or they. Might as well all become Democrats but that can't be Statist on these issues as well, they need to able to make a case. That believing in social freedom is also Conservative take a Libertarian approach to some of these issues or at least get to the point. For some Republicans who aren't ready to go that far, I believe what I believe but I'm not going to try to force my beliefs on the rest of the country. Especially when I know the majority of the country, if not clear majority disagrees with me on these issues.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Commentary: Governor Bobby Jindal: "The Republican Party Is a Wreck"

Jindal: The Republican Party Is a Wreck: pThanks to reports about the Romney campaign’s internal polling problems, disastrous get-out-the-vote schemes, and some of the inevitable internecine finger pointing that follows the loss of a presidential election, the dust hasn’t yet settled on the Romney campaign’s post-mortems. But as the soul searching begins to shift to judging the GOP on the whole, Bobby [...]/p

If you look long and hard enough even in todays hyper partisan environment, you can find a few Republicans. And some far left Democrats who actually not only know the truth but can speak the truth about their own side of the isle. The GOP is a wreck right now and yeah you might say well they still hold the House of Representatives and have enough Senators to block legislation. And have thirty Governorships and control twenty three State Legislatures on their own and fine thats all true but the. Reason why they didn't do much better then that in an election that should've played very well for them to run. The table, win back the Presidency and Senate going away, remember they only needed a 3-4 seat pickup. In the Senate depending on who won the Presidency to take back the Senate with 23-33 seats up for reelection being Democratic. And what did they do, did they pickup 2-3, no they went backwards they dropped two instead and the only states that Mitt Romney won back. Were Republican states.

You can also argue that the reason why Mitt Romney, House and Senate Republicans didn't do very well in 2012. Actually lost in a lot of cases, was because their voter turnout operation wasn't very good, they didn't have the resources. And troops on the ground to make it work, thats all true but unless you have a message that can communicate to people. Who don't normally vote for you but are looking for another party to vote for, instead of the Democratic party or nothing. Instead of scaring these people and making them seem Un American or something, you are going to lose these voters overwhelmingly as well. Which is what happened to the GOP in 2012 as well.

Human Events: Hope Hodge: "Will Republicans Raise Taxes and Chop Defense to Stop Sequestration?"

Will Republicans raise taxes and chop defense to stop sequestration? - Conservative News

The right is already worried about Congressional Republicans budging on taxes

National Journal: The Trail: GOP Grapples With Embarrassing Polling Failures

GOP Grapples With Embarrassing Polling Failures -

The Rasmussen Poll, Karl Rove and Dick Morris all need vacations right now or be fired from their day jobs

Right Coast: "Who Let Our Children Become Communists?"

Right Coast: Who let our children become Communists?: Who let our children become Communists? Our Politicians and Pundits don’t seem to understand that in this last election in November, ...

Wow Communists, the far right in America going to a new low, getting bigger shovels and drills and digging. Their hole even further, just more evidence why they have no business running a major political party in America. And if they keep running the Republican party, will no longer be running a major political party anymore. Because the GOP will no longer be a major party in America, if they stay on course, if the far right wants to secede from America. I have no problem with that and maybe they can invade some Caribbean island or something and start a Confederate party there to run that island there. Or maybe even start a Confederate party in America, a party that believes in combining state with religion. Your either rich or not important, your either Caucasian and even male or not important and so fourth but the GOP. Needs to divorce this faction to remain a major party in America and bring in new voters and then they can move on in America.

Here's the intelligence or lack of intelligence of Neoconservatives, Confederates even which is how I may start. To refer to them especially with so many petitions going out with them want to leave the union, if you believe in equality of opportunity. And are able to speak to people other then Caucasians and can even speak to Caucasians as well, President Obama did win about 40% of the Caucasian vote in America. If you are able to do these things, you are apparently a Communist, I almost feel sorry for people who are that. Close minded and wish them well when they leave the United States.

Monday, November 12, 2012

SolidPrinciples: The Divided States of America: Secessionist Movements Within America

This is easily the funniest story I've seen today and saw for the first time on a blog I'm subscribe to. Called Right Coast, if these people want to leave the United States, they are welcome to as far as I'm concern. Hell America already has way too many ignorant Americans but their states are staying, this is all about the far right in America. Who hasn't accepted the fact that we have an African American President, thats where this is coming from.

Commentary: Peter Wehner: Conservatism in the Wake of Defeat

Conservatism in the Wake of Defeat: p“Politics have taken an orientation not favourable to Papa.” So wrote Clementine Churchill to her son Randolph in 1930. That’s a sentiment some of us who are conservatives today understand. The Churchill example is apposite to our time. As Churchill biographer Martin Gilbert points out, in 1928 Churchill was at the height of his career. [...]/p

Its not Conservatism lost last Tuesday, its Statism and intolerance from the right which is what lost, anytime 70%. Or of people from three different demographic groups vote against you and in the case of African Americans. 90% vote against you and 60% or more of young people vote against you, that should tell you something, thats the knockdown punch. That you want to avoid getting hit by again, because if you know you take a shot like that again, you might not get up. The Republican party last Tuesday won with Caucasian men, rural, Evangelical older voters and lost overwhelmingly everywhere else. A group they should do very well with, college graduates, Mitt Romney split with President Obama on, thats why. They lost 332 votes in the Electoral College, a Electoral College blowout, 332-206 and lost all of the big States. Except for Texas which they almost always win and North Carolina, Texas by the way about to become a swing State thanks to Mexican Americans.

Its not that Conservatism lost last Tuesday, economic and fiscal conservatism still have a large appeal to the country. Especially people who run or own their own business's, including young people but when you tell these voters. That we are going to let you keep most of your money and not tell you how to run your own business but we are also going to tell you what you can do with your personal lives. And how you can live your life and since you don't live your life  the way you do, you must be Un American or don't matter. You end up scaring away a lot of voters who otherwise would've probably of voted for you.

National Journal: Niraj Choksi: Fiscal Cliff To Be Decided by a Few Key Players

Fiscal Cliff To Be Decided by a Few Key Players -

Hopefully President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid and keep the fringes out of it

FRSFreeStatePlus: Right Coast: "Ignore The Tea Party At Your Peril": The Path Forward For The GOP

Right Coast: Ignore The Tea Party At Your Peril.....: (Breitbart ) - In late 2011, long before the first caucuses and primaries of the 2012 election, I had the opportunity to speak with some...

FRSFreeStatePlus: I saw a little of C-Span's Washington Journal from Sunday morning and I saw the Michael Steele interview who. Of course is the former Chairman of the RNC, as well as Lieutenant Governor of the Free State of Maryland. As well as former Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party or MRP and is now a political analyst for MSNBC. And I'm sure he does other things, he's fifty four year old African American native Marylander, who represents exactly. What the GOP should be and where they need to go in the future, just over that fifty or over barrier, thats considered young for todays young voters. Or the post baby boom generation, as well as someone who politically represents where the GOP should be and should go. Someone who speaks and can articulate the message of fiscal and economic Conservatism but who doesn't scare. People on social issues because he doesn't believe in attempting to force his beliefs or others beliefs on the rest of the country.

Religious Conservatives and other Republicans are losing overwhelmingly to Democrats right now, on these culture war issues.  A big reason why President Obama was reelected last Tuesday, because he can speak to post boomers, sorta being one himself and doesn't come off as intolerant of them. And is someone whose considered to be on the right side of the culture war to post boomers and speaks of an America. Thats open to new Americans and other Americans who weren't prevalent in America in 1950 an era that the. Tea Party seems to want to force America to go back to and Mike Steele's message yesterday was that for the GOP to go forward and even be relevant in the future. They gotta stop scaring young voters, not try to out Obama Barack Obama but speak to the Ron Paul coalition and bring in young people who should. Be Republicans, which includes a diverse coalition of young voters, that would make the GOP competitive in the future.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Channel 4 News UK: Lord Patten Says BBC News Needs Radical Overhaul

As someone whose not British, I see the problems with BBC News again from 3000 miles away, as being. Too close to the UK Government and they need to be separated so the British know they are getting what's actually news. Rather then what the Conservative Government or whoever is in charge of the United Kingdom, telling the British what they want the British to know. Freedom of speech and an independent media is critical for any Democracy, whether its a Liberal Democracy or a. Social Democracy so the people in the country are as well informed as possible.

EuroNews: Syria Opposition Strike Unity Deal

Great news for Syria because now they'll have one united opposition to take down the Assad Regime and. Will be able to get the resources from the West and others to do so.

Washington Times: Politics: Keely Brazil: Rising Number of States Seeing One-Party Rule

Rising number of states seeing one-party rule - Washington Times

America is still a red and blue country

Saturday, November 10, 2012

EuroNews: Syria Refugees Want Opposition to Unite

A united Democratic opposition in Syria would make it easier for the Syrian Rebels to take down the Assad Regime. Because it would be much easier for them to get international support, especially from Europe and America.

Washington Times: Opinion: Mario Diaz: "A Silver Lining for Neoconservatives"

DIAZ: A silver lining for social conservatives - Washington Times

There was no silver lining for Neoconservatives people who live in 2012 but still have a 1950s view of America. All of these people voted for Mitt Romney and the ones who didn't voted for Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. The problem is we are talking about 10-15% of the country, most of the country who sees America for what it is, a huge, beautiful country that welcomes people from all over the World. Who all don't share the same lifestyle and how they view the World, voted for President Obama. 90% of. African Americans voted for President Obama, 72% of Latin Americans voted for President Obama, 71% of. Asian Americans voted for President Obama, roughly 60% of Caucasian Americans voted for Mitt Romney. But there share of the vote was down to 72% of the electorate, down two points from 2008, the fact is the Republican coalition getting smaller. And for the GOP to win both nationally and statewide going forward, they are going to have to broaden their coalition.

Right Coast: Students Celebrate President Obama's Reelection Outside Chanting Socialism

Right Coast: Students celebrate President Obama's reelection ou...

If these students outside celebrating President Obama's reelection yelling Socialism because they think Barack Obama. Is a Socialist, then they are sadly mistaken because if they've been living in the United States, alive and conscience the last four years. Especially if they are Socialists themselves, they know that President Obama is not a Socialist, which is the exact reason why Progressive Democrats have been so. Disappointed with the President the last four years, which goes to show how amazing President Obama's reelection. Was a big chunk of Barack Obama's base in 2008, were actual Socialists I believe thats obvious and not only did the President get reelected in 2012. With 332 electoral votes a blowout in the Electoral College, he didn't even face a primary challenge from the far left, the closest thing he got from a. Progressive challenge, was Jill Stein from the Green Party who didn't even get 1% of the vote.