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Friday, October 12, 2012

National Journal: The Cook Report: Charlie Cook: "There's No Question, Romney Changed the Game"

The Cook Report: There's No Question, Romney Changed the Game -

President Obama will have to be aggressive in the sense, of defending himself and his record and what he wants. To do in a second term, which means not letting Mitt Romney get away with any, lets say trash, things that Mitt Romney may say that are completely false or at best are half truths. But not be on the defensive, don't spend the whole debate defending himself but this is where Mitt is wrong and why what he. Wants to do for the country would be bad but do it as President of the United States, not like two guys fighting in a bar. It will be a tough task, especially with how weak of a debate he gave last week but is something he's up to doing, as we saw when he debated John McCain back in 2008.