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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MisesMedia: Walter Block: War, Peace, and Statism

As a Liberal I like the idea that we should be left to live our own lives as long as we aren't hurting. Innocent people with what we are doing, we are free to live our own lives as long as we show non aggression to innocent people. And that if we are attacked, we have a right to respond to the people who attacked us but that we can't go out attacking people who've done us no harm. This is also a core of Libertarian thought but Libertarians tend to take it a step further and say. That we don't have a right to attack innocent people but when innocent people are attacked or harmed. Financially by people who'll do them harm, that government can't come in to help the people who are attacked and have no business in dealing with the people who attacked the. Innocent that if government just gets out of the way, then people wouldn't be hurting innocent people. In the first place, that if we just go back to the wild West, then we can avoid problems like that. From happening in the first place.

Government shouldn't be there to run our lives and tell us how to live, thats where Liberals agree with. Libertarians and where we disagree with Neoconservatives and some Progressives who believe that government should be there to show people what's right and wrong when it comes to living. Our own lives and what should be acceptable and unacceptable in a civilize society but where I would. Disagree with Libertarians is that government needs to be there when innocent people are hurt to deal. With the people who hurt the innocent and to try to prevent such crimes from happening in the future.