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Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy
The Free State

Monday, October 8, 2012

Liberty In Our Time: Tom DeWeese: "The Assault on Private Property Rights"

Property Rights are critical in any Liberal Democracy, because it protects individuals ability to hold. Onto what they produce in society and once Property Rights are gone, meaning that the State can essentially strip us of our possessions whenever they feel like it, without having to go through. The process of things like having to show Just Cause or Search Warrants, then individuals become subjects of the State, we become a Authoritarian Collectivist Republic, where no one owns anything. Even things they produce, that essentially the State controls everything that goes on in society, there's nothing Liberal about that but a Liberal Democracy without Property Rights, is simply. Not a Liberal Democracy but a Socialist or a Right Wing Statist Republic, where people aren't individuals but subjects of the State. Which is what we saw in Russia, during the Soviet Union. And even the Communist Republic of Cuba but even the Castro Regime is loosening State controls over its people now.