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Monday, October 1, 2012

Human Events: John Gizzi Best Debate Moments: Mike Dukakis in 1988

Mike Dukakis had one more opportunity to turn a Presidential Election, he should've won at least going in. Around in the Presidential Debates and use those opportunities to let the Americans know more about him, that he wasn't cold and could connect with people in a personal positive way. But blew that when Bernie Shaw of CNN asked him a gotcha question, by bringing his wife into it, about the. Death Penalty, it was sorta no win situation for Governor Dukakis, because it was a gotcha question about his wife of all people but he could've avoided losing it as well and instead of trying to make. It a question about policy, he should've took the question for what it was, which was a personal gotcha question and should've answered about how he would feel, if his wife was raped and murdered. And what he feel should be done to the person responsible for the crimes but instead used it as an opportunity to explain his opposition to the Death Penalty, an issue at least back then. Were a large majority of Americans were in favor of the Death Penalty.