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Monday, October 29, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: UKParliament: Prime Minister's Questions: 24 October 2012: What America Can Learn From Britain

I don't like everything about the United Kingdom's form of government as an American, I don't like the. Fact that the voters can't directly elect their own Chief Executive, the voters in parties get to elect their own Leaders, they do have something that looks like a Primary System but. Once the General Election starts in Britain, its up to who controls the House of Commons that decides who becomes the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the next Parliament, whereas. Americans decide for ourselves who becomes the next President in the next Congress, we directly elect our Chief Executive and the UK Government is too centralize for me and they don't. Have Checks and Balances or Separation of Branches but their system seems to work for them, they don't do everything that I would do and I'm sure they believe we don't do everything they. Would do but the British System works for Britain.

What I do like about the UK Government is that they have a real Opposition a Leader of the Opposition. The Leader of the Opposition is the Leader of the Party that finishes second in the last UK General Election, the Prime Minister is the Leader of the Ruling Party, so to use as an example. Brits get to see where the Ruling Party is, because they have that one Leader that leads the entire government as well as the Ruling Party but Brits also get to see what the. Opposition Party believes in and where they differ with the Government and what they would do instead. And they get to offer alternatives to what the Government is offering in Parliament, in the House of Commons or in. The Lordship, so Brits get to see and hear real choices in deciding who should lead this country of roughly 65M people a very tightly populated country on a island roughly the size of Cuba.

Americans don't really get that, we have the President but who the President beat either goes back to. Congress or being Governor of whatever State they may lead or goes back to the Private Sector but they don't officially lead the Opposition Party, which basically leaves the Opposition Party without. That one Leader or one voice that can articulate the opposing view to whatever the Administration is doing and can articulate an opposing policy to whatever the. Administration is offering, what we have instead is an Opposition with several different Leaders. The Chairman of the National Party, the Leaders in Congress, House and Senate but we don't have that one person. Who could show Americans what the Executive Branch would look like if the other party was in charge.

I like the American form or government and believe we do a lot of things very well but one change. That I would make is giving Americans and official Opposition Leader, a Shadow Administration if you will that would serve as the Official Opposition to the Party in Power. That would be lead by the person who finished second in the last Presidential Election, this would give Americans a clear choice in who to vote for in the next Presidential Election.